Ugly Colours, Food and Modelling… and Cow

May 31st, 2005 by kamkuey

Ugly Colours, Food and Modelling… and Cow

Had a long drive back to my kampung, Sitiawan, last weekend. Took my dad’s car back to him. What is his car doing with me is a long story. But if you really wanna know, here goes….

The three of us (Elder bro, younger bro and myself) bought dad a brand new car. Dad used it for a while, then younger bro decided to buy a new car so he sold his old car and since he had no car to use while awaiting delivery of his new car, he used dad’s car. When he got delivery of his new car, elder bro decided to also go get a new car, so he too sold his old car and used dad’s car. And when he got his new car, dad’s car was unused. So since both of them has new cars to drive around town and I had my 13 year old car, I took over dad’s car and drove it around for about 2 weeks till last weekend, then I brought it back to him. Came back down to KL with a couple friend of mine.

Dad’s car is a much comfortable car than mine. But mine is much more fun to drive around. More power and drives like a dream… sometimes. Unfortunately it is in the workshop now, undergoing a RM600 repair. *sigh*

Anyone likes pictures? :p

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The long drive back

On the way back, we stopped by Bidor town to have a snack and we stumbled upon this.

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EEEwwww… what kind of a colour is that? Some more an Iswara Limo.. ahahahaha

Okies, I went for lunch the other day with some koliks and one of them ordered this….

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Looks good eh?

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This is my fren Cow, as if he is about to take a big chunk out of his girl. Buahahahaha…

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Yesterday, some photographers came to take pics of the projects and we were made the models.

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This is my kolik, we call her.. Aunty Kolik.. posing in front of an 4×19” LCD monitor operator workstation with the kick ass video wall in the background.

Okies… back to work now….


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