Comments? What Comments?

July 28th, 2005 by kamkuey

Smelly Tofu

July 27th, 2005 by kamkuey

A group of us decided to go see/smell/taste what the fuss is all about. So we made plans, and we gathered at Asia Cafe in Subang Jaya, right next to Inti College.

I first picked up Cindy…

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That’s Cindy..

And while waiting for the rest to arrive, we ordered this…

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It is called Roti Tissue. Nice snack..

And our drinks..

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Finally, I kenot tahan…

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I ordered this, Italian Kebab.. ahaha.. first time heard of it.

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And I ordered this as well. Some Salmon cream cheese pizza.

And the following are some of the delicious dishes the others ordered..

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Claypot chicken rice..

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Loh She Fun

I was happily stuff myself with the food…

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and Cindy was not happy…

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I had to feed her to make her happy.. MUAHAHAHA..

Then.. the star of the evening…

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This is the chow tofu. It is EXTREMELY SMELY. It smells like fermented drain water. And indeed, it tastes like it too.

Cow came a little later… and …

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He happily ordered 8 pieces..

He attempted to have one piece.. .. and he ran to the nearby drain to spit it all out.

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This is how he looked after..

Then it was my turn… the rest of the gang.. Cow and Cindy included.. FORCED me to try one piece…

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My system immediately rejected it as soon as the small piece entered my mouth..

Cindy was not too happy again…. so… while sending her home…

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I gave her a nice peck on her cheek…

AHAHA… in the last pic.. it looked like me trying to kiss her but I was trying to be like a vampire biting her neck.. unfortunately, I decided to get back to my driving position just as she took the pic.

Car Reviewing

July 26th, 2005 by kamkuey

When reviewing a car, one should not have any expectations whatsoever. Best if you could raise or lower your standards to that of the targetted market.

For example, when reviewing a Mercedes Benz SLR, you have to raise your standards. Or else, you will sound like someone who just came out of your cave and finding a microwave oven. In the same way, when reviewing a budget car, you should lower your standards. You cannot compare the budget car to the Mercedes Benz SLR you just reviewed.

Let me give you two examples of this moronic behaviour of not adjusting your standards.

Example 1
A ‘motorin journalist’ (editor somemore) was testing the new BMW 120d which is a diesel with manual transmission. He complained and cursed the car for it lack of power. He mentioned something about having to keep a constant eye on the RPM and trying hard to keep it in its powerband while changing gears, going throught twisty roads.

Why in the world would you want to drive a diesel powered BMW like a track car?? Why not take a Catepillar tractor unto the Sepang track and complain about how bad it is?

Example 2
A well known motoring magazine, with an equally well known editor moronically benchmarked three cars; Toyota Prius, Perodua Kenari and the SmartCar against a Lotus Elise MkII Exige.

Like I told a fren of mine, it is like comparing which has better value; a RM1 bill or a RM100 bill, and then mocking the RM1 or its lack of value.

Some of them are really good reviewers who knows cars inside out and with their hillarious remarks and all that, they are fun to watch. Most unfortunately, they dun use their brains to think about what the general motorist needs.


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