Japanese Name

September 28th, 2005 by kamkuey

I was browsing thru Lilian’s Blog and she was blogging about her Japanese name. So I thought, I might as well try it lar..

The result? Well, I first I put my given English name thru… and the result…

Watashiwa Yoshikuni Taiki…

The meaning..

吉国 Yoshikuni (good fortune country) 大輝 Taiki (large radiance)

then i ran my actual name thru…

watashiwa Matsuo Kaito.

松尾 Matsuo (tail of a pine tree) 海斗 Kaito (big dipper of the ocean)

Now that sounded a little … erm… well.. Tail of the pine tree? Big dipper of the ocean?.. tehehe ahahahaha…

Now.. u try… Generate your Japanese name.. HERE

A1 GP…. and the Amazing Hair

September 26th, 2005 by kamkuey

Yesterday was the first A1 GP race held at BrandHatch.. or something like that. It is totally different from F1, more like the Porsche cup where all the cars are the same. With all teams having the same car, it all bears down to the drivers, support team as well as how you play your cards. One interesting addition is the Power Boost feature in all the cars. When activated via a button by the driver, it gives the car an additional 30hp, from 520bhp to 550 bhp at a push of a button. Something like the NOS button featured in The Fast and the Furious movie.

Unlike F1, the drivers go on a 3 x 15 minute qualifying with the best two taken in to average to determine grids.

Anyways, the race was rather interesting, but it still lacks something, something which F1 has… I kenot point out what it is, but it lacks. But still an interesting race.

The Brazilian driver… Nelson Piquet (pronounced as Pee Kay) Jr. took first place. He should. Just look at the way he pulls away from the rest with ease. I think when the pit crew screwed up, he must be cursing away as he lost two places!!! Some more.. got so many accidents which brought the safety car out.

A little not on Nelson… his hair.. amazing lar.. how he keeps it so soft and neat is.. simply… AMAZING. Even after those zooming around for so long in that full-face helmet, he emerge with his hair falling softly over his face. How can? A simple 10 minute track run in a go-kart would have messed up my hair… definitely wan. Some more sure sweat kao kao wan. But this guy.. Waaa… good lar…

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
See his hair.. (pic taken from A1 GP Official website)

well.. maybe you all kenot see the softness of his hair in this pic.. but trust me.. really soft..

I wan I wan!!

September 19th, 2005 by kamkuey


Have been thinking about getting a small digital camera for quite sometime ady. I made a mistake by selling off my Nokia 7610 to settle for two basic phones. Hands itchy mar.. watudoo??

Anyways, have been thinking about this camera..

The Canon Ixus SD400 or locally known as the Ixus50.

Why I wan this? Besides the normal 5mp.. bla bla bla.. it is dem sleek man.. small in size…

check out how sleek it is..

Top view.

And…. it has a kick-ass 2.0″ LCD display…

And also, cos I am already a Canon Digital camera user, so the controls would be familiar.

However… Slenzie does not like this particular camera.. ahaha.

The other one I like is this one…

The Casio Exilim EX-S500. Very nice hor? Also very slim…

Check it out..

Plus… it also has a kick-ass 2.0″ LCD Display.

Sorry.. make that a SUPER kick-ass 2.2″ display.

Now let’s see another one…

The Sony CyberShot DSC-T7.

Dem nice rite?

Slim also leh…

And this one.. comes with…..

ten ten ten…

SUPER-FUCKING-MEGA big.. 2.5″ LCD display..

See also saliva dripping liao..

then then hor.. this Sony ar.. I dun quite like lar.. in fact.. all Sony product prices.. super tight controlled la.. no syok. Some more their Stick very expensive.

So how ar?

All the prices for these three cameras.. about the same wan. Feature-wise, i dun care much la.. as long as can take decent pics, enuf liao. For better quality pics and manual controls, I stick to my other cam lar… neh.. the one too big and bulky to carry around wan.

Note : All pics taken linked from Steve’s Digicams.

Thanks Steve. Keep up the good work!!

Oh.. that is the website I give when someone asks me for advise on cameras.


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