PDAs and More Food

October 31st, 2005 by kamkuey

Speed Limits and Air Conditioning

October 28th, 2005 by kamkuey

I am sitting here now on a lazy Friday afternoon. Basically no mood, in anticipation of next week’s holidays. And the Internet connection here is super slow!! I am not able to imagine how we would survive with the 56.6kbps dial ups previously. The Internet Service Providers often claim that their 1mbps line depends on several factors and the speed might drop. They should at least cap the lowest speed so that users will know what they are paying for.

Same goes to the highway speed limits. They should have a minimum speed allowed. Come to think of it, they should implement minimum speeds on major roads. How many times have you encountered slow moving traffic, only to find that the source is a car crawling along at 50kmh on a 90kmh stretch? How it affects? Well, that car was craling along on the middle lane, and the rest are trying to over take it, resulting in sudden lane changes and braking.

During next week’s festive season, they should enforce such a rule. Many times I encounter a vehicle over taking onother by doing 10kmh more than the other vehicle. This is plain stupidity. Instead of giving out samans to traffic law breakers only, they should give samans to moronic drivers. MUAHAHA..

And the air cond… *sigh* .. it is freaking warm and humid and stuffy now. I mean, it is no different that standing outside the building. Seriously. And there right in front of me now, there is this girl who is.. well… warming her hands!!

*looks up at the ceiling* “Please God… give this girl more fats”

Seriously… this girl will DIE if she ever go to London. No need talk about Canada, just London. Actually, come to think of it, I dun think she would ever survive if she ever visited Uncle Lim.

Touch Me Nots and Buka Puasa Galore!!

October 27th, 2005 by kamkuey

I was walking from my car to the office building when I noticed this…

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The Touch Me Nots.

I do not know if this is the official name for it or not, but what the heck.. sound good. Anyways, I used to love playing with them. First I will observe them.. then touch them. I love watching them close. Then I will stay and watch as they open up again. And then touch them again. MUHAHAHAHA.

I wonder how many of today’s kids get to experience one of the very few movements of plants.


For the pass two days, I have been attending buka puasa with the company and other contractors. Today is another one.

THREE??? Three is a galore? Well.. it is if it is three days straight!!

Here are some food stuff I had. I did not take much of the main dishes as I was a little too hungry to take pics.. hehehe.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Dates… one of the customary starters. Aparently it is good to have something sweet prior to dinner. Good also la.. got more energy to stuff food in.kekek

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I forgot what this is called in English.. but heck… its Popia. This is the steamed type. The other type, which is more yum.. is the fried version.

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Desert… some stuff topped with coconut stuff..

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This is my favourite dish of the two buka puasas… “Lai Lui Fish” (dunno correct or not the spelling). Simply SUPERB!! Usually it is prawn, but this time it is fish!!Fillet some more. hehehe

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And to wash things down…. the legendary ABC..

And just to top things off…. although not part of the buka puasa…

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The customary teh-si after a good chap fan lunch..


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