Speed Dating Anyone?

February 28th, 2006 by kamkuey

Before the Sun takes the first peek……

February 28th, 2006 by kamkuey

….. I was already out of my apartment.

Working morning shift this week. Which means, I would have to wake up before 6am!! Dem!! I already had trouble waking up at 10am the night before!

And just as the sun was peeking through the skyline of KL, I got a call from the Deputy Director in the traffic division, asking me why there were not messages up informing the public about the accident along one of the roads.

Dem! As if I am in operations.


I wan my bed… I wan my breakfast.


February 23rd, 2006 by kamkuey

Have been watching Smallville. My brother mentioned to me that it was very interesting. So, I borrowed the first 3 seasons from him.

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Well, the first season seems to be more like any other sitcom. Each episode got a villian fro Clark Kent to do battle against. Quite boring. But it did have some mystery behind each episode. Ease episode reveals more about Clark and his origins and what happened previously. That is why I went through Season 1.

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And Lana makes it more bearable.

I am mid way through Season 2. It is definitely getting more interesting.

But then it is frustrating to see Clark tear himself up between Chloe and Lana. Gezz… one man.. two ladies.. why can’t he just let loose and have a threesome with them.



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