My Itch Satisfied… AGAIN!!

April 27th, 2006 by kamkuey

Introducing, my latest toy…. AGAIN… MUAHAHAHA..

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3G phone… with Push to Talk function.

For those who are not too familiar with Push to Talk (or PTT), it functions just like a walkie talkie. Press button to talk, release it to listen. Tried it last night. And it is FUN FUN FUN!! The only problem is that there’s lag.

But the best thing about it is, the cost is only RM1 per day…. all day. Talk until your saliva run dry!! Or… it can be RM0.50 a day… ALL DAY… if you subscribe monthly.

Will post a short review on my new toy soon… after I had enough time to play around with it.

Till then…..

ps - lemme know if you are a PTT user… then we PTT together lar :P

Sony Ericsson Mobile Media Centre

April 26th, 2006 by kamkuey

Prior to my Redang trip, I had this itch… the Ipod Nano itch.. remember? Good thing the common sense in me knock some senses into me. So I refrained from buying the Ipod Nano. Instead, to satisfy the itch, I went for the next best thing; equipping my current Sony Ericsson K750i ……

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….with a 1GB Sony Memory Stick Duo and the stereo headset.

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The stereo headset is kind of cool.

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The ear buds, instead of resting outside the earhole, your literally plug it into your ear hole. This shuts out ambient noise, resulting in better clarity and bass.

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It also comes in two parts. One part you plug into the phone via a Sony Ericsson connector and it ends with a 3.5mm audio jack hole. The second part looks like a standard stereo earphones, but with a shorter cable. This means, if I dun like the original earphones, I can buy any off the shelf earphones with a standard 3.5mm and plug it in.

And paid only half the price of a Nano.

Good thing I did not buy the Nano, cos I am already bored with the portable mp3 thingy. AHAHAHA….

Now… unto another ITCH!!!!!


April 24th, 2006 by kamkuey


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