I Nearly Killed Someone

May 30th, 2006 by kamkuey

I was happily going back home after tapao-ing lunch when I came to a 4 way junction. Being the law-abiding motorist I am, I stopped completely and with my right indicator switched on, I looked both left and right. There were cars zooming pass, so I waited.

Then I noticed a low-life angkle-biting two wheeler pull right next to me on my right. Remember that my right indicator was blinking away. When the roads were clear, I continued on my way, turning right.

Yeaps.. You got it, I nearly had to spend RM8 to have that low life scrapped off my undercarriage and tires. That low life went straight.

I braked. I braked hard.

He got startled and he even had the balls to look at me with the “what-the-fuck?” look and gave me the middle finger. As if it was MY mistake. And then, like the chicken-shit he is, he quickly rode away after that.

I admit, I was furious. I felt my blood boil. But then, an instant later, I calmed down and went on my way.


No point confronting a cow. It will not know what the hell you are saying. It would prolly moo away. Whack it with a stick also nothing, it will just continue moo-ing and then continue to step infront of traffic.

So.. I forgave him.. for his mother has been playing with his little ding-a-ling since young. His dad probably sucked on his little thingie while his uncle regularly have him suck on his. And that day, maybe.. just maybe his dickie did not get played with, and he did not get to play with his uncle’s, so he not paying attention on the road. And you know lar, pea-sized brain kenot process so much at the same time. Either ride, or fantasize, not both.

So I plead to the other motorists out there, when encountering these pesky low lifes, stay away from them if possible. And forgive them if they do something stupid.

You do not want to waste RM8 to have people scrap them off your bumper.

Another Escapade?

May 25th, 2006 by kamkuey

Why not?


Got my suntan lotion, my little bottles of shampoo and soap.

I am all SET!!

Only thing is the bus ticket. *sigh* tomorrow go buy. :P

A Short Review : Da Vinci Code

May 22nd, 2006 by kamkuey


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