The Cute Little Thing

June 30th, 2006 by kamkuey

My company’s camera somehow went missing. Long story there, but I shall spare you guys the agony. Ever since then, my kolik and I have been using our own cameras for company events.

So today, we went shopping for a new company camera. We went through a number of choices. My kolik and I are always for Nikon or Canon. So we were looking at offerings from these two manufacturers and had finally agreed on Canon’s S3 IS when I noticed a cute little thing on display… the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ7. Exactly the same features as Canon’s S3 IS, but in a cute little package.

The next thing we knew, we were driving back to office with that cute little thing.

As we were driving back, we got a surprise!! My kolik went through the contents of the box and found out that it included a lense adapter as well as a petal shaped hood. Fuhyor!!! Put them on.. DEM cute leh…

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See see.. cute or not? Like a mini digital SLR camera. AHAHAHAHA…

Image quality wise, I am not too sure how it performs. Did not pixel peep. KEKEKE. Not yet. :P


June 29th, 2006 by kamkuey

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Digital Photo Post Processing

June 28th, 2006 by kamkuey


Nothing much to know about myself. In a nutshell, I manage a little call centre, but I was trained in IT. Now more like I am in the service industry cum IT support. Anyways, on the side, I like motoring, photography and sometimes fishing. Anything else you can ask me direct la.