The Joys of Motoring

July 30th, 2006 by kamkuey

Motorbikers. They zip in and out of traffic, overtake on the left, whack your side mirrors, cut right infront of you, go places they are not supposed to, beat the traffic lights, turn into no entry signs and they break almost all traffic laws. 80% of them have got no tail lights and probably just as many without licenses.

Other motorists driving 4 wheeled vehicles usually cut queues, break speed limits and at times, moronically go pass a no entry sign.

But there is this one thing about motorcyclists that no one can deny; they help out other motorists in distress.

How many times you see car drivers stopping to help another car with a puncture? Or how many times a car driver stop to help when there is an accident? I have not seen of any. Well, except the tow-truck guys who seems to respond much much faster than our local boys in blue.

Hey.. probably we should place medical personnel and some of our boys in blue into to tow-trucks so that they arrive sooner. Yes?

Anyways,… back to the helpfullness of motorbikers.

They are always the first to jump of their machines and run to help accident victims while car drivers slow down to have a look, causing a massive traffic congestion.

And they have this ‘member’ attitude.

EXample? Well, let’s have a car driver’s example. We are driving along and witnessed a lorry rear ending a car and the car ends up in a ditch. More likely than not, we would slow down, see the damage and go ..

“Wah.. the car sure condemn wan… eh.. what’s the number ar?”

Now… if a car and a motorcycle gets involve in an accident, a whole bunch of passing motorcyclist would stop and help the motorcyclist and in the end, the poor car driver would have to pay for the ‘victim’ punya hospital bill.

Or if ever a motorcyclist is being bullied (HAh!! ever happened?) the rest of them, whether they know the ‘victim’ or not, will gang up and whack the hell out of the ‘bullier’ while other car drivers watch from afar.

So now you know why these two-wheelers are so daring, giving you the finger even if they are in the wrong, and breaking almost all traffic laws. They have the rest of the two-wheelers to back them up, knowing full well that car drivers will not get involved.

But I dun blame the car drivers. I am a car driver and I just do not want to get involved in something I am not prepared to follow through. Most of the motorcyclists have little or no responsibilities. They can afford to go to police stations or even sit in jail for a day or two. They can afford to go court and things like that, IF it ever goes that car. As for myself, and probably other motorists, it is too much a hassle to get involved. Furthermore, our commitments to ourselves and our employers are much too high. I, for one, do have not the luxury of take a day or even half a day off to ’settle’ my involvement.

Now before my dear readers who rides motorbikes, before you start the verbal abuse, please note that I mentioned MOST and not ALL motorcyclists.

There is a neverending debate on this issue, but I shall not go there.

In the end, I anticipate the motorcyclists. I stay clear of them. If one if tailing me closely, I slowly and let him pass. If one is infront of me wobbling away, I go to another lane and overtake as fast as I can. If there is one trying to overtake me, I slow down and brake hard when he cut directly infront of me and slow down. When at a traffic light, they will wriggle they way to the front. When it turns green, I wait for all of them to go pass me before I make my way out.

Better this way.

My deep dark secret…

July 28th, 2006 by kamkuey

The Intruder

July 26th, 2006 by kamkuey

So, there I was minding my own business by hiding in the library while waiting for the hot shot VIP to arrive (late as usual). It was hot there, so I took refuge in the air conditioned library. Then boss came running in, screaming for a broom.

I thought someone knocked over a glass or something like that, but aparently, he and CEO was trying to get this … erm.. lizard out of the waiting area. So.. CEO snatched the broom from boss’ hands and went running into the waiting area where the lizard was hiding under the sofa.

5 minutes later, I took this photograph…

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Yeah… he did not smash up the poor little guy. He just flicked it out into the garden.

My kolik took a couple of picks of CEO flicking the lizard but I dun think he would appreciate his pics being published here :P


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