Sorry, I am on my break

January 30th, 2007 by kamkuey

..but but.. the world is about to end in a horrible nuclear disaster!!

.. so? I will get back to you after i have finished my tea.

Can’t you just push that little red button to cancel the countdown?

Can.. but only after i have finished my tea.

Yes folks.. i am on my break, please do not trouble me with work.

An Update

January 28th, 2007 by kamkuey

No time to update. Got some project to complete urgently. So here’s one pic for the time being.

Taken quite sometime back.. processed very differently.

Some people do not like this. Some people do. I like it. And if you dun like it, screw you!! Take your make believe camera and go play far far away.


Review : Nokia E61

January 25th, 2007 by kamkuey

The Nokia E61 has been released almost a year. But not many people know about it. In fact, very few people know of the Nokia E-series phones which are targeted mainly to business users. Most of the E series are packed full with features. Unfortunately, multimedia is not part of the business package.

So let’s get back to the E61. At first look, you get mixed reactions. The phone is a beauty, but at the same time, butt ugly. It is a beauty mainly due to its glorious 2.8″ TFT screen which pumps out 16 Millions colours at 320 x 240 resolution. With such a glorious screen, it is a wonder why Nokia did not at least incorporate various video format support. It would be a wonderful on the go movie player.

Pick it up and you will immediately notice that this is one phone solidly put together. The other thing I noticed is that it is not as heavy as I thought it would be. Being a big phone and of such solid build, I expected it to be heavier. However, at 144 grams, it is still probably in the heavy-weight division. But if you take into consideration the amount of features packed into this handy little phone, you might turn a blind eye on its weight. Come to think of it, it has been sitting in my shirt pocket the entire day and I will usually forget it’s there, until someone rings or text me.

The QWERTY keyboard is a refreshing change to me as I use test messaging a lot. And with the added email functionality, it is a breeze to both read and reply emails. And can you believe that I wrote the first three paragraphs using the E61? I like to call it a thumb board instead, because I use my two thumbs to do data entry. The keys have a good feel to it but at times, because it lacks the discernable click, I am uncertain if I had actually pressed the key. The keys, however, sits snugly and does not wobble or squeak. Another assurance of the E61’s build quality.

There are only three buttons at the sides of the E61, volume up and volume down, and a third and final button which acts as both voice recorder activation as well as voice dialing activation. A quick press and release will activate the voice recorder while holding this button down a little longer will activate voice dialing. Interestingly, all of the E-series comes with text to speech recognition. It recognizes the contact names and will read it out to you when a certain contact calls you. This also means that you do not have to pre-record each contact to be able to use the voice dialing function, the phone already knows how to recognize name by speech. After a couple of tries, I gave up when I called out “Zhang Zhi Yi”, hoping that it will dial up my goddess but instead it dialed “Foo Chow Yik”. But in all seriousness, the voice dialing did not work out well for me, so I shall stick to the good old contacts look up.

The E61 packs a host of connectivity which puts some notebooks to shame. With 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth and infrared, there is a full range of connectivity for you to use. The Infrared is located at a rather odd location, at the bottom, next to the fast port sync port.

In the package, I got the standard travel charger, software CDs, mono headset, manuals as well as a charger head converter. The newer versions of Nokia chargers comes with a smaller head, this converter converters the older and bigger charger heads. Oh, and also a 64MB miniSD card. Interesting to note that Nokia did not bundle in the miniSD to SD converter. Not to forget the massive 1500mah Li-on battery which comes standard. Nokia claims a standby time of up to 11 days. Personally I manage a standby time of 1 day with extensive use of 3G, wifi and lots of file transfers and video playing. So it figures.

The battery compartment cover feels metal and clicks into place with assurance that it will not accidentally slip off. At the back of the phone is the battery, SIM card holder as well as the memory expansion slot which actually sits at the side. Memory card is hot-swappable. This means that you need not shut down your device before removing the memory card. However, you would need to remove the battery cover to be able to access the memory card. Some people may complain about this, but I dun see the reason to access the memory card physically so often. The Nokia E61 supports up to 2GB of expansion.

Booting up the device takes some time, but once up and running, the phone somehow detects that I have inserted a 3G card, and did the necessary to ensure proper settings. It did send out some SMSes to request for over the air configurations and before I could satisfy myself admiring the splendid screen, it was all ready for me to surf via 3G. Setting up to access my Gmail email account was also a breeze! Now I am email-able anywhere, anytime.

As mentioned, the display is glorious. The Active Standby display seen in other models is seen here, except that you have more real-estate to show more information. Currently I have my screen to show my appointments, tasks as well as Gmail inbox. So at one glance, I see what is up for the day.

The 5-way joystick is a joy to use and is located between the menu button and the dedicated Email button.

Functionally, it handles just like any other Symbian-based Nokia phones with the exception of the splendid 320×240 2.8” TFT screen in a landscape orientation and the QWERTY keyboard. Menu navigation is similar to the other Nokias. But one thing worth noting is its Safari-based web browser which displays full web content. A little mouse cursor you control using the 5 way joystick instead of ‘jumping’ from link to link.


The Nokia E61 is a phone in a PDA disguise. It works just like any other Symbian-based phone. Just that it has a wonderful screen and QWERTY keyboard. I have to admit that using the E61 as a PDA is easier than using any other Nokia phones as a PDA. It’s wonderful screen does not fail to impress me each and every time I look at it. The keyboard is a blessing to those who loves messaging but a bane to those who digs mobile phones with smaller footprints. I get a lot of stares from people around me when using the E61. Maybe it is the dashing me they are checking out, but a more probable explanation is the rare glimpse of a Nokia E61 in action.

The Nokia E61 works for me. I only need contacts, calendaring and notes. I also need the ability to key in appointments and notes quickly. The E61 with its glorious screen and keyboard allows me to do just that without any bells and whistles which might just eat up valuable resources.

My only disappointment is that it has to be this big. And with such a glorious screen, it is such a pity that it is not much of a multimedia phone. I would really love to have a camera on it so that I can take videos to fill up my newly purchased 2GB miniSD card.


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