The Professional

October 31st, 2008 by kamkuey

I am not a professional.

The term professional has been used extremely loosely by us these days. When you see someone with a huge (compared to the standard point and shoot digicam), he is automatically termed as a ‘professional’. Now let me see.. someone mentioned that a professional is someone whose income is 100% derived from him being a photographer.

So let’s see, yes I do make some.. a littlea bit… a miserly amount of money from taking photographs, but I do have a day job which I give priority to. So I am not a professional.

Anyways, like I said, here in Malaysia, there are a lot of self-proclaimed ‘professional’ photographers going about extending their photography services and lately, even to photo critism. *gosh* I tell you, it is like a structural engineer having a nice bowl of pork mee and the despatch boy who delivered design plans for a bridge just that morning sitting at the next table talking loudly to his friends about how a particular bridge design is flawed and it should be designed.

So these people who just got their digital SLR last month, starts to plough through online websites, blogs and photography forums and posts moronic comments and trying to give stupid suggestions. And then, some newbie who is about to buy a digital SLR camera sees the comments and goes…

Waaaa… dem professional la this fellow..

And the best thing is.. these ‘professionals’ punya photos…*sigh*.. let’s put it this way, my 1 year old niece, playing with my camera phone and accidentally takes a photo.. that photo is better than theirs.

Oops.. did I just make a general critism? Wahaha..
Hai.. whatever lar. You know what they say… In the valley of the blind, the one eyed man is king. Unfortunately, this one eyed man is shortsighted and has cataracts and his valley of the blind is actually valley of what the one eyed man thinks is all blind.

Sorry guys… bad start to the morning. Need something to vent all these negative energy.

Have a good day… peace!

When idling… dangerous…

October 28th, 2008 by kamkuey

Sitting here waiting for car to be serviced with nothing much to do is rather dangerous!

You see, with hours to spare.. and not wanting to spend on taxi money to go all the way back to the forsaken land called cyberjaya, there is nothing else to do except to surf the web and stuff. So I surfed unto Apple’s site..

Wah.. sibeh sui leh..

fuhyor!! 2.8″ screen… *drool*

Fuah.. hands dem itchy liao.

Sien-ness @ Starbucks

October 28th, 2008 by kamkuey

Here I am.. sitting at Starbucks with my already room temperature Green Tea ice Blend, waiting for my car to be serviced. You see, my car is 1000km overdue for its major service which includes the timing belt. I forgot to check the milage two weekends ago, so last Saturday I was supposed to send it in for service, but I forgot. *sigh* Busy processing photos for client. And then came Sunday, the workshop was open, but they were trying to complete backed up jobs so they do not accept any more ‘drive ins’. Same goes to Monday, a public holiday.

So I had no choice but to bring take leave today to get it done. Why take leave? Well, I do not want to risk another week. The snapping of the timing belt is no joke, resulting in major engine damage. So I would rather take leave and get it replaced before I have to spend tonnes of money repairing the damage.

Ah.. the joys of owning a car. hahahaha


So here I am… sitting out the hours. I could have taken an hour or so off work to send the car to workshop and get back to work. And then right after work, go collect my car. Unfortunately, working in cyberjaya is a real bummer. Situated about 30-45 minutes drive from the city, logistically it is not convinient to drive up back to civilisation, admit the car then take a cab back down to cyberjaya again. The taxi cost would be astronomical!! Bus? Come on.. I would have to take a half day leave for that. Furthermore, shop not open till about 10-11am.


There’s probably a big fat bill waiting for me later. I still have to get my car electronics done later.


Nothing much to know about myself. In a nutshell, I manage a little call centre, but I was trained in IT. Now more like I am in the service industry cum IT support. Anyways, on the side, I like motoring, photography and sometimes fishing. Anything else you can ask me direct la.