Sausages Anyone?

May 25th, 2009 by kamkuey

Each packet is RM22.. except for the rosemary lamb and chicken.

After being grilled and ready to eat. Recommended is to BBQ it actually. :)

A Wedding in Singapore

May 18th, 2009 by kamkuey

Last weekend was a very tiring weekend.

Jason and I were asked to cover Sunny and Patricia’s engagement last Saturday in Singapore. Since both Jason and I both do not know Singapore well, we decided to spend the night in Johor and then catch a cab into Singapore. Our initial plan was to head down south after work on Friday. Which was also why we decided again driving into Singapore, especially at night. Anyways, to cut the story short, it was a financial disaster. The next round, we will drive directly into Singapore.

Sunny and Patricia were great to work with. They had great friends who were also wonderful in front of the camera. I think it is important that subjects are comfortable in front of the camera. This paves the way to even greater photos. Of course a good photographer makes the subject feels comfortable, but only if you have the luxury of time. In our case, or rather in most actual day weddings or engagements, time is usually not a luxury that we have.

Here are some of the teaser photos taken during that Saturday. More will come later.

See.. friendly people. Very eager to be in front of the camera.

All photos were shot with the AF-S 50mm f1.4G lens wide open @ f1.4, except for the last one which was shot at f2.8.

After the registration, they headed off to a nice cruise in a yatch. Everything was completed by lunch time and the happy couple ensured that we had a full tummy before letting us off. How considerate of them.

Jason and I then wondered Singapore for a bit before deciding that we were a little too tired to wonder anymore and thus headed back to Johor in preparation of our long drive home. So that Saturday, I had my shower at 5am. The next shower I had was almost midnight. I was smelly, sticky and extremely tired. My nice comfortable bed never felt nicer.

Tony Roma’s Ribs

May 15th, 2009 by kamkuey

I have been to Tony Roma before this, twice if i am not mistaken. Both times I had their beef burger. But this time around, with the waiter highly recommending the ribs, I decided to go ahead and splurge a little and try the ribs out. I have also heard raving reviews from friends about how good their ribs are. It costs RM69++ for a full rack.


Wow.. i must say that they are indeed delicious! And a full rack like this is not enough for me actually. They look big and all but in actual fact, the bones takes up half the space. hahaha.


I finished them in less than 10 minutes. Hahaha. I think I should pace myself the next time.

Anyways, I am heading down to Singapore this weekend. Hopefully can try out the pork ribs there. Oh yeah!!


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