What’s your Excuse?

October 7th, 2009 by kamkuey

Hi guys! I know, it has been sometime since my last update. I have been a little tied up with work, wedding and photo assignments and such. The past week has also been very hectic since I am leaving for Perth tonight for 10 days. So I had to finish up some oustanding work and finish processing photos and at the same time attend wedding lunches and dinners.

So anyways, my cousin got married last month and I was back home in Sitiawan for the wedding. He married a friend of mine whom I know since my school days. The function started 15 minutes late. Acceptable. Or rather, an astounding feat by any standards. You see, this is because here in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur in particular, wedding dinners often start 1-2 hours late. It’s a very disturbing culture. I asked several people and they answered…

Everyone is late. Why should I wait for 1-2 hours?


“Everyone is late mar, I also late lar”
That’s like saying.. “Everyone ciak sai (eat shit), I also ciak sai lar”
Ok. That’s too extreme. How about this then?

“Everyone throws rubbish everywhere, I also throw lar”
I do not know about you people, but to me, that’s a very selfish thing to say. Ever considered who will be waiting for you for 1-2 hours? Yes, the bride, the groom and the entire family will be waiting for you.

Some people say that its the norm and that everyone is expecting everyone else to be late, and thus expects the dinner to be 1-2 hours late, so they turn up 1.5 hours late, and tell others that they are on time. Maybe this is what a lot of people call “rubber-time” or Malaysian time. Maybe this is the culture. But if you see it as respecting the VIPs of that day, you will see it differently.

I went to a wedding dinner once. The bride’s father has some military background and is rather strict and does not give a rat’s ass to what other people think. So after relatives failed to restrain him, 45 minutes after 7pm (the time stated in the invitation) he told the captain to lock the doors and to start the dinner presentation with the first dish. After 15 minutes of preparation and presentation, everyone settled down and started tucking into the first dish, the captain opened the doors and in came the late comers. One sat down on the table where I was and immediately started to curse and swear.

“Where can like that wan? No gimme face meh? I not yet come.. start dinner liao. Stupid wan meh?”

Maybe we should start a new culture, report to work 1-2 hours late. And then leave 1-2 hours early. Hmmm.. that would be a good thing eih? When you get a warning from boss, you spit at him and tell him to go fly kite for not giving you face. Then when it becomes the standard and everybody does it.. wow..
But hey.. whatever makes you happy man

I leave you with this photo.. taken recently at a wedding where I was on time but the rest were late. So I had lots of time to mingle and… pose pose.

I like this shot taken by JasonW. Good angle. Me not so fat here :)


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