Financial Planning, Positive Motivation and Wedding Photography

I have actually written a long and exhausive post about the above title. But then I decided against posting it. You see, there are many people out there who are not able to take the truth. The truth about how people see them, and how things are actually. So let’s leave it as a title as a reminder of who we are and what we have become. Ok, let’s talk a little bit about those two things.

Financial planning is your own business. You do not need to pay money to have someone else tell you things that you already know. Like, watch your expenditure and credit cards, buy stock low, and sell high, strike when iron is hot.. etc etc. Plus, I will tell you somewhich which financial seminars will NEVER tell you; for every successful stock market player, there’s 50 who have failed have are now in tremendous financial debt.

And about Positive Motivation…. I have this friend of mine whose sister’s boyfriend was a very simple man who rode a motorbike around town and rides to work. Then he got conned into ’setting up his own business’ and dumped a good deal of money into buying stocks from the company. Stocks as in goods. Something you burn then out come magical healing scents. Anyways, as if it was not enough that he emptied his bank account and piled up a huge amount in credit cards, his ‘upline’ then told him that since he is in ‘business’ he should look the part; with new fancier clothes and fancier cars like a BMW. So he went and upgraded himself from a simple kapchai to a BMW. Fine, he can always reject, but these fellas have a way of pushing you to a corner and making what seems to be a guaranteed way of loosing money, seems ok and a very good idea at that time. Needless to say, when things start to go south, his up-line turn a blind eye and left him to himself. Good thing my friend and her sister are very supportive and he is now back on his feet.

About wedding photography; One of the things which I struck a chord for me during a recent photography seminar I attended was this statement

“ have spent so much money and efforts on your wedding day, why stinge on the one thing which will immortalise it forever?..

Think about it while I show a photograph…. a blog post without photos is boring :)

image by Daphne Gan.. thanks girl :P

.. .and this is my own saying…

“.. to be a good photographer, one must be comfortable to be in front of the camera..”

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3 Responses to “Financial Planning, Positive Motivation and Wedding Photography”

  1. Hijackqueen Says:

    Hmmm… your saying there is like to be a photographer, one must know how to camwhore also? I thought photographers always behind the camera. No?

    p/s: No need cerita panjang here. just MSN me with the anser :p

  2. Purple D Says:

    You stinge on it because you don’t want to remember how stupid you were spending that much money on stupid crap. Can ah? :p

  3. kev Says:

    sounds like lampeberger to me… that thing still alive and kickin’? if until today still got people kena con by it… then it’s really amazing what greed can do to people…

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