August 23rd, 2010 by kamkuey

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A Little Discovery

August 17th, 2010 by kamkuey

I just realised… that my desktop computer has :

1) A HDMI port!! woot!!

2) SPDIF output 3) Firewire.. and… eSATA port!!

Hmm.. I am not sure why I am so happy about it. Maybe soon when I get a surround speaker system, or a firewire/eSATA HDD.. Hmmm…

Anyways.. here’s how the inside looks like..

It’s kind of ‘normal’ looking. BTW, it’s a Dell XPS9100. I remember when Dell makes PC casings which are… screwless. This one looks very much like the standard casing you get from Ah Chow’s Computer Shop Sdn Bhd. :S

What Kind of Photos

August 6th, 2010 by kamkuey

When I first got into photography, there were mainly two kinds of photos I like to take. They were two of man’s favourite subjects; 1) Cars 2) Ladies. But in my case, it was cars and people.

Men and cars somehow have a strange mythical bond. But of course not all men have that mythical bond with the machines. Just like how not all men like football.

It can be kind of cars. 

Then there’s the ladies.. well.. people actually. People photography.

It can be an environmental portrait..

Or a fashion show



… a planned shoot.

It does not mean I only shoot the ladies. I do have a fair share of photographing men as well. HAHAHA

Sometimes a little bit of abstract portraits adds a bit of extra flavour if you must.

But after a while.. when i look back at the photos I have taken, (apart from the random abstract photos) I find that i prefer more ‘action’ photos.. or a more emotional photo.

An action photo brings the photo alive.

Of course there are many ways to bring the photo alive or to have a very interesting photo. But I find myself more drawn to these kind of photos.

.. it like a taking adding whisky to your coffee.

Of course I do take various photos as well. Like food photos and standard people having fun photos.

Then at times…

..combining food and people having fun in one photo is rather interesting as well. :)


Nothing much to know about myself. In a nutshell, I manage a little call centre, but I was trained in IT. Now more like I am in the service industry cum IT support. Anyways, on the side, I like motoring, photography and sometimes fishing. Anything else you can ask me direct la.