Perth Southern Trip Part 3

September 18th, 2010 by kamkuey

The long overdued blog post of my trip to Southern Perth.

After reaching the Southern most tip of Western Australia, we began our journey back up North to Perth. The drive was long. Good thing we had 3 drivers. We took turns to drive. Ensuring maximum alertness.

Seriously, I should have kept track of where we went. I am not able to remember the names of the towns we visited :S But the view was spectacular. This photo above was taken during sunset, or when the sun was setting. Marvellous!

Our accommodation was at this little guest house situated on a hill.

We rented something like a suite. Not bad. Simple yet cosy.

It has a little patio, something like a little balcony with table and chairs.

And the view out was simply stunning.

This was taken in the morning.

There’s some garden table and chairs out on the gorgeous grass with a BBQ pit and wash basin should you want to BBQ.

After checking in, we drove a little bit to get to a very nice place to view the sunset.

Dem.. even a shot from the parking lot looks great!

The place had some sort of rocks formation or something like that. there’s a nice little path for the casual tourist to walk through the rocks. But the younger ones.. or at least the young ones at heart tends to take the path less taken. hahaha.

It’s very nice actually. Not THAT dangerous.

Have to pose a bit. Bottom up angle not very flattering. :p

The sun set… nice! Takes much longer to set over there.

Stunning eh?

And there… a little CLS to bring out the people :)

The next morning.. we had a nice breakfast out on the patio.

No worries about the sun. It was cool enough :) I miss the cool weather. Anyways, we packed up, then continued our journey. The next stop? A wine yard for some wine tasting and lunch on another balcony/patio overlooking the beautiful wineyard and blue skies.

Our first stop was a wineyard… but here we were looking out for some nice coffee beans.

… and maybe some crocodiles?

Anyways.. we continued on to several wine yards, the more notable ones.

The wine yards were all like a huge mansion! with beautiful gardens. Check out the grass!!

Can roll around like in bollywood movies :)

Most, if not all of them, have a nice restaurant inside. You can have your wonderously juicy steak paired with a red. Nice!!

And during wine tasting, they have a spittoon there for you. Lucky I know what’s it for. Another group of visitors were asking the lady there what’s that for :p  you would not want to get drunk on your first wine yard stop.

This particular wineyard has got it’s own artsy thingy. It’s labels are a collection of arts.

So naturally they have their own art gallery.

We took one of their tours. Here our lovely tour guide began the tour by introducing to us the history of the wine yard and the estate.

Then she showed lead us through the wine making process. Contrary to the believe that red wine are made from red grapes while white wine are made from green grapes, both red and white wine are pressed from the same red grapes. The color in the red wine comes from the skin which are added to the mix later on in the process. Interesting.

Massive containers containing the wine. Or rather, juices which would become wine.

Hmm… one of the olden pressing machine? Probably a machine which replaced people stomping on grapes in a barrel. Hmm… would be interesting to try it out :) grape stomping I mean.

More gigantic barrels. Notice these are iced up. I was not paying much attention. I think it had to do with quality or something like that.

And.. finally, the storage. These barrels are not cheap! If I am not wrong, it’s in the 5-figure region.. Aussie Dollar!! Apparently, lower cost wine yards buy these barrels used.

So, after the tour, off we went to another wine yard our lunch.

Nice glass facade…

.. with an even nicer view!! See the building on the left, there’s like a balcony overhanging the yards? That’s where we had our lunch.

The view from our lunch table.

And.. the other view.

I think this is lamb..

This is my prime aussie ribeye.. medium and slightly charred on the outside. Served with a nice big glass of red nicely paired by the friendly staff. Delicious!

And this… hmmm… it’s duck. I think it’s almost raw!

It was a wonderful lunch. Nice weather. Sunny yet cold. Bright blue skies.. taking it all in on a ledge over hanging the wine yards. Pricey, but ok lar. Worth the experience.

After lunch? Photo taking session. Note the photo-taking stance? hehehe

There’s one thing you gotta love down under : The deep blue skies.

It’s extremely blue!!

Really really blue!

Our final stop was Busselton Jetty.. stretching 2km out into the sea.. it’s the longest jetty in the southern hemisphere!

Almost the same view, but love the flare.. hehehe.

Notice the blue blue skies? Check out the ocean as well. Nice clear.. inviting! But also note the darkish clouds looming on the right?

And there’s the dark clouds again far in the background.

And another view of the jetty.. and the deep blue skies.. :) Too bad it was under construction then :S

aha!! another photo-taking stance.

Oh.. almost missed this photo. I love this. It’s not night, just that I exposed this photo this way to catch the glitters.

And finally, we made the long drive back to Perth. On the way, we managed to catch up to the dark skies.

More like fiery skies to me.

Ok folks. After detouring off the road to take these shots of the fire skies, I was beat!

I hope I will be able to update more on my stay in Perth soon. There’s BBQ and a visit to the Aqua Centre in Perth :)

Long Overdue Update Coming up

September 15th, 2010 by kamkuey

It has almost been a year now, and I have yet to complete the entire Perth Trip series. hahaha. Minta Maaf ya :p

Wokies.. I am working out the next update. Stay tuned.


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