October 9th, 2010 by kamkuey

I know I am :)

Stay tuned.

DiGi’s Office?

October 3rd, 2010 by kamkuey

DiGi played host to a group of us last weekend. And they showed us around their ‘office’. To me it looks more like a playhouse!! Not yet Googleplex, but almost there. I am wondering which other company has this kind of concept.

First of all, the building itself is visually pleasing. Lots of metal, glass and wood combination. I like!

A mixture of modern coldness with the warmth of wood. Nice mix!

Some of us making out way down to their… erm… function area? That’s a water feature that goes round the area.

Hmm.. free flow premium coffee? I like!!

That’s what digi people call the Reload. Basically it’s their makan place. See the umbrellas and tables/chairs. You can have your meetings and discussions there as well. If you do not mind the heat. :p BTW.. the rock feature on the right, there’s some interesting feature there. Wanna know? Pay them a visit. :P

Our friendly guide into Digi explaining their work concept. Pretty interesting. There’s no permanent place for you. Your desk is practically anywhere where no one is sitting at that moment. Pretty cool eh?

They were pretty good hosts as well.

They fed us well!!

These are very nice otak otak!

There’s wine tasting…

Chocolate tasting..

And coffee tasting as well..

Plus they threw in some entertainment for us..

You can putt

You can PS3

Get online and update your statuses.

Or if you want, have some make up as well :)

Of cos.. you can also sweat it out with their Wii!!

Oh.. one interesting note. See that building across the car park and it’s green feature? That’s not paint. That’s REAL grass.

Thanks to DiGi and their “I AM CURIOUS” campaign.

It’s all in the angle

October 1st, 2010 by kamkuey

I like this pic. Somehow I look slimmer in this pic. hahaha.

It’s all in the angle. And how you stand.. or pose for the picture. It’s very important that you know the ‘best-est’ angle of your subject. Or if not the best then a better side of your subject so as not to show the worse. Here in this pic I was not very ready for the shot. Jason and I were trying out a lens.

And since we are in the topic of posing and best side of subject, do take note of their clothing as well. The pic above is a good example. Both of us were not ready for any photoshoot whatsoever. Just walked into the camera shop and tested some stuff. It was a friday, after work.. and as with any other day, my shirt would be half coming off my pants. haha. And there were tonnes of stuff in my pocket.

So the next time you go out for a photoshoot, do take time to note the attire.


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