Merry Christmas!!

December 27th, 2010 by kamkuey

Ok. More like Belated Merry Christmas.

So how’s your Christmas?

Do share if ya. It was same as usual Christmas for me. Family dinner (this year it’s BBQ) and then presents! Nothing BIG. Nothing fancy. Although occassionally my elder brother, probably after kena 4D or toto gives generous presents.

Speaking of presents, anyone got a tablet PC in their Christmas stockings??

I was just wondering the otherday, on the amount of tablet PCs sprouting out like mushrooms on a rainy season. There’s the almight (but much teased about) iPad, then there’s Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, Dell’s streak and DroidPad and ZTE SmartPad.

Personally I would prefer a netbook. A proper notebook form factor with physical keyboard and then a screen attached to it.

Here’s the keyword… for me at least…


I personally like the physical feel of a keyboard as I type. Alright, let’s keep work aside. At work it’s a lot of emails, documents and spreadsheets where a keyboard and mouse are crucial in churning out documents. Even when I am sitting a my favourite cafe with my latte, I still prefer sitting at the edge of the seat, typing on a physical keyboard.

Of course a tablet PC has got a lot to offer as well. Especially the instant boot up and long lasting battery compared to the miserly 3 hours of a notebook. But I still cannot see myself lugging along a tablet PC. It’s something I  have yet to pick up. Even my mp3 player is sitting in my drawer for 3 years since i bought it. I used it probably for 18 hours max. Maybe 8 hours.

Oh, on another note. My wife and I are doing a spring cleaning. Most of the stuff in my study have been thrown out. Leaving a lot of space. Most of the boxes will be out of the room. And in it’s place, a nice filing cabinet and a full 3 seater leather sofa :)

The two of us shifted this behemoth from the living room, through the little study room door and into the room. Takes up a considerable amount of space, but it’s a nice spot. I can watch TV series from there, or take an afternoon nap as the room is smaller thus easier to cool with the aircond.

On yet another note, a lot more Fiestas are on the road this week. Here’s a blue one delivered probably exactly a week ago.

Lomos, Pilot and Mini Stuffs

December 15th, 2010 by kamkuey

Oh deary me!! It has been more than 2 months since this blog was last updated.

It indeed has been a very busy 2 months for me, as well as for FingerOnShutter. We had wedding jobs as well pre-wedding photoshoots to undertake. Usually, most people do not see the work being put into the photos after a photoshoot. Our weekends were filled to the brim the past two months. Practically each weekend was filled up with events, photoshoots and dinners. Yes, we are still human, we have to eat.

Anyways, last weekend I won this during a lucky draw :

How fortunate I would have been if it’s the actual real thing! But no matter. It was a very cute item as you can see below :

Cute little bugger isn’t it?

It’s actually a USB thumb drive. I did not actually get to use it though. A lady who won a camera bag was desperately looking for someone with this little bugger to exchange with her bag. Apparently she has one too many bags. So I went home with a brand new camera bag Smile

You see, I have always thought that a bag would be a nice fashion accessory. And it’s not just for show, a bag would enable me to put stuff into it instead of lining my pockets with stuff like keys and loose items like phone, point and shoot cameras, MP3 players… tablet computers.. and such. Plus I have this habit of carrying my DSLR around hung from my shoulders. It’s prone to knocks and I constantly have to be aware of it so that I do not damage it by swinging it against a pillar or wall or leaning on it. So a bag should be good for me.. right?

I really do hope so.

Oh.. the photograph of the pink bag was taken using my HTC Legend with a Lomo camera application. It’s so cool! It takes a photo and gives it a dash of Lomo feel and voila!! instant digital lomo.

It’s a fun application to have. Lomo is basically photography minus the ‘technical correctness’. You shoot from your hip, you shoot without knowing what you are shooting and almost all aspect of the photo is technically ‘wrong’. Yet.. there’s a huge following with many youths turning to film-based ‘lomo’ cameras. I guess it’s much more fun than conventional photography.

The photos do not actually make much sense. But it’s fascinating.. to me at least.

Alright then, it’s getting late.. i sign off with this photo :

That’s me actually flying a plane!

And that’s me feeling ecstatic after flying the plane… although only for a couple of minutes. It was fun!

Alright then. Maybe I will leave the flying story for another blog entry. Until then, good nite.


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