My Current Obsession

May 25th, 2011 by kamkuey

It’s strange. I know.

A lady friend once asked me; “Why do you need so many watches?”.

Well, I do not know why I need to many watches. Maybe I could mix and match them with what I am wearing that particular day. Actually to tell you the truth, I do not need so many watches. I just like them. Ever since I was a kid back in school when I was first introduced to the world of GShock, I have always wanted a Gshock for myself.

So my reply to her was; “Why do you need to many handbags or shoes?”

Seems like a logical to answer the question with another question. Because the answer to both questions is the same.

Some of you may know that I just only recently got myself a nice leather mechanical watch. I love that watch. It’s nice, simple and have a nice thick leather strap. And it’s mechanical, and automatic. I have always wanted a nice automatic watch. But it’s… well.. for a lack of a better word… fragile.

That’s when I wanted something cheaper, but tougher. And my childhood obsession with gshocks came rolling back.

Built tough.

Cheap also. ERm.. well.. cheaper than the leather strapped mechanical watch I got earlier. hehehe. Bang on the table/wall/chair also no sakit hati.

Chilli Pan Mee

May 23rd, 2011 by kamkuey

It was delicious.

But having it on an extremely hot and humid Saturday afternoon is not very wise. Apparently they do have other branches, but since I have two appointments back to back in USJ itself, it would not be a very wise choice to go out of USJ just to eat Chilli Pan Mee and back. As you know, traffic in and out of USJ is like a mad house, especially at the Kesas junction. I do not know what’s the name of that road, but you all know where the USJ-Kesas junction is right?

The restaurant itself is the standard single shop located on the ground floor. Expect a queue tho. It’s mostly full with people standing around while waiting for a table. It was still packed when I left at about 2.30pm, with some still braving the afternoon heat by sitting outside by the footway.

They give you are base bowl of pan mee with all the side stuff and a half cooked egg with it’s yolk still watery. You then add the amount of friend chilli paste into it and you mix them up to your liking. The chilli is rather hot, so you got to be careful. Start with probably half a spoon before being brave and venturing into the full spoon category.. or perhaps a double spoon craziness.

Mix it up good and enjoy!

Note : Bring tissues. Lots of them.

The Windows Phone So Far

May 16th, 2011 by kamkuey

So it has almost been a month since I first booted up the HTC HD7 Windows Phone. Overall, I am very happy with the user experience of the Windows Phone. Probably because it’s a combination of its fresh user interface and HTC’s wonderful 4.3” which adds to the overall pleasant experience. System wise, it’s fast and I have not experienced any lag ..  yet. Maybe I have not fully loaded the phone to it’s max capacity. But there are some negative stuff which I shall highlight in this post.

First up, the lack of some essential applications like screen capture. Which explains why I have to physically take a camera and take shots of the screen. Not a very elegant way :S Imagine having all the right attitude of a gentlemen only to be betrayed by chewing and talking at the same time, spewing bits and pieces all over.


Next up : The lack of other bluetooth functions. Yes, I know, the next up date will come with bluetooth functions like bluetooth files and so on. It’s now I am worried about. Not tomorrow or next month or next year. If that’s the path you have choosen, being happy to know that it will come next update, then you should also be happy that personal teleportation is in the pipeline as well. No need to worry about missed flights or lost baggage anymore.

Sticking to the lack of something, the lack of control of certain functions of the phone is kind of a bummer as well. For instance, there’s no camera application yet because the ‘link’ to camera functions are not available to developers yet. I would personally very much like to see the likes of FXCamera for the Windows Phone. You see, I like to take funky pictures in funky colors with funky light leaks and all that… also known as LOMO photos. That’s me. But right now, I have a good mind to revert to my trusty Android powered phone just because I can take lomo photos with it.

Let’s not get into whatsapp. Well, since we have brought up whatsapp, I understand that whatsapp is not available because of the way Windows Phone handles it’s contacts. Something which whatsapp is not able to link or extract or access in order for it to work. And yeah, I also heard it’s in the pipeline.

Oh… another lack of something…

.. not being able to add custom words into the dictionary. Being Malaysian, I have a number of ‘slangs’ which makes me uniquely Malaysian. Words like ‘lah’.. and words like ‘bor’. And sometimes the ability to type in bahasa is what I want. But nope. You are not allowed to custom words into the dictionary. This means I have to let it correct the word for me, and then go back to retype the word I want. Well, maybe there’s a way, but I have not found it yet.

oh… and Bing maps suck! Excuse my French, but it does suck!

  Firstly, the icon which shows you where you are now, does not have a directional indicator. It’s a black square with a yellow circle inside it. I would very much like it to have a directional indicator,.. meaning instead of just that yellow/black icon, it wouuld be nice to have an arrow indicator to show me where I am facing. This, from what I understand it also due to some API of the magnetic directional thing not being available to the third party application developers. I can also use the compass function from HTC, which shows you a background map which rotates together with you as you turn. But I am more accustomed to a map pointing north all the time. Secondly… it does not search! That little magnifying icon at the bottom? That basically brings up Bing search which does general searches and not search the map itself. Plus there is no direction finder. Good thing there’s Gmap, a third party map application. Much better.

Having said all that, I still like the HTC HD7 running Windows Phone.

You see, it’s not about how fast your phone or what your phone can do or how many application it has for your to download. It’s all about how happy you are using your phone, be it iphone, android or windows phone. … or blackberry.

During my one month usage of this Windows Phone, the drawbacks mentioned earlier did not bother me much. I basically stumbled upon those stuff I thought some of you might want to know about it. It did not bother me much. But to be honest, the custom dictionary thing did bother me since I do sms/email with funky words. And the lack of whatsapp too.

So would I buy this HTC HD7? I most definitely would! So far it’s the bestest smartphone experience for me. But I shall wait till it’s a wee bit more mature. Windows Phone as got potential. Hopefully when they add on the other functionalities like bluetooth file transfer and custome dictionaries, it does not hog up resources and slow the phone down to a lag!


Nothing much to know about myself. In a nutshell, I manage a little call centre, but I was trained in IT. Now more like I am in the service industry cum IT support. Anyways, on the side, I like motoring, photography and sometimes fishing. Anything else you can ask me direct la.