A Random Update

September 6th, 2011 by kamkuey

There are many things which are rather unique to Malaysia.. something which makes us Malaysian, proud to be one actually. It’s just that the powers that be tend to manipulate race, religion and even gender to their advantage. Sad really. We Malaysians have a generally positive outlook and are very adaptable and even up to the extend of embracing each other’s culture.

Of course we have our differences. Surely we have little irritating traits which annoys each other. But when it comes to socialising and accepting each other, we accept each other with open arms.

So look deep inside you and find that Malaysian in you. Ignore the blatant lies which tries to break the bond amongst us.

Fuah.. I am feeling very emo-patriotic this morning.

Anyways.. random photos..

Till the next blog entry.


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