Mobile Cameras

September 26th, 2012 by kamkuey

It’s true what about the say which goes “The best camera is the one with you”. What’s the use of the top of the line RM20k DSLR with a RM8k lens sitting at home when you are witnessing a heavenly sunset? Of course if you have that DSLR with you, it would be much better.

With today’s smartphones sporting better and better cameras with more interesting applications like Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest, more people are taking photos and sharing them online. I read somewhere that in the first half of 2011, almost 100 billion photos were uploaded to facebook. That’s about 64 photos uploaded per second. This number could double by today.

I do upload quite a number of photos to social media sites including facebook, google+ and instagram. I just love the camera on my current smartphone, the HTC One X.

Everywhere I go, my phone is with me. So I tend to flick it out to grab a random snap shot like the one above which was taken as I was on the way to breakfast.

The lobster as I was browsing through the numerous tanks filled with live seafood at a restaurant.

This is rather interesting. The Sony MP3 player which I bought some quite a long time ago. It was laying dormant in my office drawer for a couple of years. Still works fine :)

This is interesting. A shot of my office’s plotter doing a printhead calibration.

Even when travelling. During my recent trip to Bangkok, i did not even bring along a camera. First of all, my DSLR is too darn huge and bulky. And my current point and shoot camera is a bit dated and my smartphone would perform much better :p

This is my point and shoot. As you can see, it’s very well used. It’s still working fine except for the LCD which is a little wonky. Much discoloration, but Ive excepted it since it was followed me to the beach, construction sites and was used rather roughly.

and with ever more interesting camera apps which emulates film and other effects, it very interesting to take photos like the one above; double exposure.

I think in time we will get to see much more advanced features being incorporated into smartphone cameras.

Windows Phone

September 6th, 2012 by kamkuey

It’s a very pleasant phone to use. The user interface is rather … how would I put it… soothing. Seriously. The colors, brightness and animation is a joy to experience.

Recently Nokia introduced to the world their range of new phones powered by WindowsPhone8.


Pic thanks to

The new WindowsPhone 8 tiles seems to be a bit more cluttered, but apparently is more customisable compared to the previous versions.

But they simply must pull their socks up when it comes to messaging. I mean, as I mentioned previously, messaging apps like whatsapp and viber are a pain to use with WindowsPhone 7.5 as they are extremely slow. Like it’s loading message history online.. and on the fly. Let’s hope they have addressed it in WP8.

Oh.. and Nokia introduced the wireless charging. Hmm… interesting.

Close window

Pic again thanks to

Oh.. and apparently, as you can see in the pic above, they have done away with the annoying “press to open” flap to access the micro usb port. I had to be extra careful not to snap that flap off each time I wanna charge or sync my phone.


Anyways.. This month is an exciting month indeed. Many new phones, tablets and camera being announced.

Oh joy!!! but not so joyous for my wallet :S

Some Quick Thoughts

September 3rd, 2012 by kamkuey

A very quick thought about the Nokia Lumia 800. Physically, I love it. It fits nicely in my hands. And it fits snugly in my car’s cup holders, with a nice clear view of the sky for the Nokia Drive to work. Wonderful. Too bad the implementation of Whatsapp (which I use a lot) is a bit wonky. Well, wonky for me at least. Maybe it’s who windowsphone works. But it’s a bit too slow for me. You see, each time I want to see a new message, the app seems to launch and then only load the messages. It’s like a website. You know? It loads only when I go to the website url. But all in all, it’s still a very nice phone to use. I still like it :) It’s just so nice to interact with the phone..

Anyways.. another quick thought which hit me a couple of days back…. brand loyalty. Personally I think it’s quite stupid. Some people take it to the extend when it becomes fanboism. You know, when everything that particular brand makes or does, it’s the bestest of the bestest of the bestest.. and nothing else can stand before it. THOU SHALT KNEEL BEFORE THY GOD OF PRODUCTS!!! Bah!! I mean, if they actually pay you, then it’s a different matter altogether. I would go fanatical and wear Nokia t-shirts and caps and drive around in the Toyota Prius (which Nokia gave me) with Nokia decals and logo, brag and evangelize about the coming of the new Nokia with WindowsPhone8 and post all things Nokia on my social networks.. and defend Nokia against blasphemy and the untruth … if Nokia paid me enough….




*hello?* Nokia… ? No?


ok then… next…


Again… a blog without photos.. hmm…

oh..i went to Bangkok last month. Did not take any photos. In fact, did not even bring a camera along with me. Just enjoy the trip. But good thing I brought along my mobile phone (non-brand specific.. for the fear of being labelled a fanboy)… here’s the highlight of my trip there..

Tilapia fish.. rubbed with salt.. then grilled over charcoal. Very nice when washed down with ice cold Chang beer. Tip : Get it from the streets. This particular vendor sold each fish for THB100. The restaurant just down the street? THB350. Chang big bottle at 7-11.. THB44. nice!!


And yet another different note… Burger Bakar. Fuh.. wonderful. Home made beef patty, perfectly grilled over charcoal.

Alright… very random indeed.


Will update blog more often…


hmm.. i tend to say that a lot… “will update more often”… hopefully lar hoh. 




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