Personal Choice?

December 5th, 2012 by kamkuey

Is there such a thing these days? I think peer pressure extends beyond school and colleges where you just go with the flow and do whatever the cool crowd does.

Take into consideration the smartphone battleground these days. In one corner are the iphone boys, and in the other corner are the android fellas. Then in the secluded corner are the WindowsPhone and Blackberry guys. Instead of just getting a phone which fits their budget and how they use their smartphones, they go for who people are talking about.

Which is why in the secluded corner, the Windows Phone and Blackberry guys are happily using their phones while the android and iphone fanboys hurl facts and make believe facts at each other.

It just plain and simple, get the one you like.

Each of the smartphone platforms have their own plus points, and their equal share of negatives. So why bother comparing? Is apple or Google actually paying you to defend them? Do they actually GIVE you a phone or phones? Do you get special treatment and do not have to queue up for hours to BUY your dream phone?

Anyways, having said all that, please do keep it up you guys. Your actions actually pushes the smartphone companies to up their ante and try to out do each other. The one who benefit are actually us, the consumers.

So, I would like to firstly apologise for kutuk-ing you, and then follow up with a big thank you. It’s because of you guys that people like me who use all kinds of phones of all platforms who really benefit from it all :)

And here’s a totally unrelated photo

The musang king durian. Hebat belaka rasanya!!


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