Bone & Pot

August 13th, 2013 by kamkuey

I am not much of a steamboat fan. I prefer my food to be cooked for me, and not me having to cook it myself when I am out dining when I am paying for it. The most I would do as a self service is to plate up my own during a buffet… and more recently BBQ buffet. But more on the BBQ buffet later.

More recently, I was introduced to Bone & Pot. The one I patronised last weekend was along Old Klang Road. I think they are running a special weekday promotion but you have to check it out.

Surprisingly I enjoyed myself.

The dishes were fresh. Especially the meat cuts and the meatballs. Lovely!

The lamb cuts.. nice and fresh. Just swirl it around in the broth for a bit and they are succulent. Same goes with the pork slices.

I did not manage to take the rest of the other stuff. Was enjoying myself. Smile

But this is my favourite to go with the rest of the dishes.

Yup. Fried chilli oil. Kind of common in a lot of Chinese restaurants, but somehow I enjoyed this one here best. The other condiment is fried garlic. Goes very well with the bone broth.

The bill came up to about RM150 for 6 of us and a kid. Not too bad considering the fresh premium stuff.

You can check them out in their Facebook Page.

Oh.. btw… this is not an ad. They are not paying me, and neither did I get any discount Smile

Maybe my next visit.


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