Bangkok 2012 – The Food

November 26th, 2013 by kamkuey

It was glorious food all the way.

Firstly, Swensens. It’s much cheaper compared to back home. So do gorge yourself on their glorious offerings if you are ever in Bangkok.

The other ice cream which I thoroughly enjoyed is Diary Queen. Much cheaper but less exotic. But equally enjoyable. Something you can just buy at shopping malls and enjoy it while you walk and browse around.

Then there’s Tony Roma’s. No… not their salad ya. Their MEAT section. And yes, I know there’s Tony Roma’s here in Malaysia, but in Bangkok, they have pork ribs!!!

Glorious pork ribs!

Glorious and succulent ribs!

Fall-off-the-bones type. Delicious!

Sure, they do have their usual. But nothing beats the ribs.

A friend ordered this.. a chicken dish. This is the left over. He said, after eating the ribs, this one no taste. So if you are a rib person, do hope in for a try. This particular branch is in Siam Paragon.

The foodcourt in MBK is not too bad, offering various different food, some kind of street like food, in one centralised location.

But if you want real street food, and cheap, you got to hit the streets.

Fried chicken rice at one of the little stalls at Chatuchak market. As you can see, this single portion is more like a snack for me. But good enough, as there more to eat.

Here’s another one of my favourite. Soup Noodles. It comes like this as standard.

On the table, there’s these various items for you to add on to your ‘standard’ bowl of noodles. There’s chilli, fish sauce, chilli flakes and sugar. Then I think there should be a jar of crushes peanuts somewhere.

Anyways, this is my favourite combination; some chilli flakes for the extra kick and some crushed peanuts for a little crunchiness. Tasty!!

Grilled pork with salad. 25Baht. Also somewhere in Chatuchak market. Besides shopping, there’s lots to eat there too.

Like these ribs..

.. and various cuts and type.

There’s also this delicious coconut ice cream, but I did not manage to take photos of it.

Moving along… this is the MOss burger. Rice cakes instead of the buns. Personally I did not enjoy this at all. The filling is interesting, but the overall experience did not work for me. It worked for others tho, maybe you could give it a try.

Then comes the street food. One of those you see along the streets of Bangkok. Almost at every corner you see hawkers.

One of my all time favourite is this..

Salted crust baked fish. It’s simply delicious. Gorgeously delicious!

The rest of the street food I really forgot to take photos of it. Sorry, not really your typically food-blogger on a holiday.

Maybe during my next trip I will have much more photos of food.

Bangkok 2012 – The Motorshow

November 2nd, 2013 by kamkuey

Just a quick note that this was prepared using Google Drive.. or Documents. You see, I update my blog using something called Windows Live Writer. It’s easier, faster and have way cooler features than web-based editor. Unfortunately, my aging Dell notebook is not able to install Windows Live Writer. Somehow, I am not sure. Maybe something is not updated or installed. I do not know. Maybe it does not support Windows XP anymore. But the thing is that I love creating documents/blogs using my notebook. Something about the keyboard being more comfortable. So I created this blog entry, then later will copy and paste it into Live Writer. Anyways, I digress.

Bangkok Motorshow 2012

This photo is part of what makes Bangkok’s Motorshow stand out from the rest of the motorshows around the world. Granted I have only been to two so far, and Bangkok’s motorshow beats the crap out of the other one I visited before. To catch this lady in the photo, read on…

Whether you like it or not, at any car or bike shows, or motor racing, there is bound to be girls. Bangkok’s Motorshow is not one to go against the norm.

We decided to go to the motorshow during a weekday, hoping for a much smaller crowd. It was much less people, but only for a while. Come afternoon, the entire place was packed like sardines.

But before that, in the morning, we almost had the place to ourselves. But only for a while.

The crowd started to roll in ..

And the showgirls came strutting about.. And those were when we were still outside the show hall.

On the inside, they combined 3 massive exhibition halls into one massive hall. We knew it was going to be a long long day,.

They had cars obviously..

.. walls of rims

Demo cars for in car entertainment systems

Lots of accessories…

Cool bikes…


And of course, the show girls.

So let the photos begin..


And here’s part of the crowd..

All armed to the teeth with DSLRs…

This round i traveled with my DSLR but with only 2 lenses, the 24-70 and 50mm. Will post the next show in Bangkok which I only went with a small little mirrorless camera which was really liberating!! Next time ya.

Anyways, let’s continue..


There were performances as well..

random shots of the crowd.

Random shot from behind the crowd. It was getting a bit difficult at this time.

So we headed outside.

There’s a whole other show located outside the motorshow halls.



With their own models!


And very interesting modded cars.

Oh.. one more thing, there were lots of hawker stalls selling delicious food, snacks and drink right outside the show halls. So do not be like us spending obscene amount of money for what should be a 150 baht meal.

And the most interesting part of the show..

You have to venture out from the comfortable air conditioned halls and into the heat of the Bangkok Night for this. There’s obviously more photos from this happening part of the motorshow, but this blog does not have any rating, so better not Smile Family blog okay?


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