Motivational Secrets

December 26th, 2013 by kamkuey

Of late, I have been bombarded by “secrets of success”. Many have approached me to talk to me about these secrets. Previously, I have been one of those people who preach success. So I know what I am talking about.

And all these motivational speak means one thing; bullshit

Seriously. Take a look at all those people who tries to talk bullshit to you. What do they have? What are they trying to portray? They seem to have a lot. But they have very little. They dressed up immaculately. They drive seemingly expensive cars. And they sit and stand immaculately as well. Even shaking hands and paying attention to everything you say, while looking you straight in the eye. But what do they actually have?


They are trained to act and re-act like that. They have their shirts and pants neatly pressed, and shoes shined and their ties straight. They are trained to just that. They sell their old banger of a car and buys a used BMW. And with that, they emit a sense of success. And then they pull you to one side and tells you that they have the secret to success.

The Secret!

Everyone knows that! Visualise what you want, keep visualising it while you ACT on it. Determination and hardwork will bring it to reality. That car you have always wanted. That vacation you have dreamed off. How? Money of course. And how to get money? through hardwork, smart work, but mostly hard work.

What is the point of visualising all the time? That is bull shit. To achieve your dreams, you first have to WAKE UP! Otherwise it will always remain as a DREAM.

So this is me on a bike. It’s a step ahead from ‘dreaming about it’. I actually went and physically touched the bike. But what does it do? Totally nothing. Why? Because I have yet to put into motion, in the real world, to have any effect whatsoever, let alone riding it along some twisty road.

Then comes one of those health drinks/supplements, or those slimming supplements or pills or drinks. Whatever it maybe. It all comes with one similar “instruction”. Most.. wait.. all of them will have a set of rules to go with taking of the health product; and that is a set of instructions on how and what to eat. Or rather what not to eat. Come on lar. When I have those kinds of eating habits, I would not need those heath stuff right?


So how to keep healthy? Simple. Eat well. Sleep well. Exercise well.

3 things to keep healthy. There’s no secret to it. No need for any health supplements or things like that.

No time for that? Well, I guess health is  not your priority then.

No time even to eat in the office? Bullshit! There’s a ton of ways to eat while rushing work out. A sandwich. A pack of biscuits. Even packed mixed rice. There’s always a way, it’s just whether you want to do it or not. Even a cup of one of those nestum or prepacked 3 in 1 oat meal drinks.

And what about success? Sitting there visualising it and hoping that the law of attraction brings it to you? Excuse me while I laugh in your face. I may not be a very successful person. But I do not make excuses that my life is determined by this law.


So get off that chair and start working on your vision before someone else smacks you in the head and runs off with your vision.

The Wedding Photographer

December 23rd, 2013 by kamkuey

There are tonnes of articles and postings out there in the Internet regarding the issue of why wedding photography is so expensive. So why bother with this one? Well, I think I should post my very own experience. Sometimes, when you read an article, especially an article from overseas, one might think that it’s not relevant here.

I think I am gonna get a lot of heat for this posting.

So here it goes.

The wedding photography here in Malaysia has gotten to a point that a lot of people think or assume that anyone with a Digital SLR camera is a photographer. This cannot be further away from the truth. That’s like saying anyone who owns a Ferarri is a professional race car driver.

So what makes wedding photography expensive? Nothing. It is not expensive, considering what you get. Do you say that a Mercedes Benz is expensive? Yes, they do cost a lot of money. But do consider what you are getting for that amount of money. Please, for the sake of all things artsy, do not expect Mercedes Benz quality for the price of a 15 year old Proton Saga.

Ok.. firstly. There’s the cost of acquiring cameras and lenses. Please note the plural. Your wedding is a very important part of you life. So we backup our equipment. I personally, with my partner, have dual back ups. This means that we shoot in tandem, each with our own set of back ups.

Our gear and equipment are specially selected for wedding photography. Sure, we do use our gear for other assignments, but they are specifically choosen to excel in wedding photography.

And the gear and equipment is a major bulk of our costs. And it’s just not a one off ‘investment’. We are constantly updating our gear to ensure we deliver outstanding photographs of our wedding.


Just to be clear, we do not 100% rely on our cameras and lenses to obtain better photographs. Our gear basically makes it easier for us to work wit it during the wedding. But this is a whole other issue by itself which shall be tackled in another post.

Oh.. then there’s the computer which we use to process the photos, prepare the same day edit slideshow and designing of albums.

And good computers do not come cheap, especially when you want those monitors accurate colours. Accurate colors are crucial especially for prints.

Some people do argue that these are initial setup costs. True. They are. But they still need to be taken care of. It’s called ROI.

Then comes the other issue. I have had statements like :

You all only take photos only wad. For 4-6 hours only wad? Why so expensive?”

I guess many out there think it that way. However, did you take into account the work before and after an actual day wedding? What about the in between the morning session and dinner reception? There is actually no rest for us in between. So instead of just 4-6 hours of “photo taking”, we actually start work at 6AM plus when the bride prepares herself for her wedding day. Not to mention the time taken to wake up earlier and do a final gear check and the drive to location. And we end at midnight. That’s a whole 18 hours work right there.

After the actual day, there’s a whole lot of photo selection and processing to be done. We do not do those “shoot and burn” kind of photography. Shoot and burn is basically me turning up at your wedding day, shoot a bunch of photos and burning them into a DVD for you, without selection, editting or processing.

So basically, most people forgot about the post production portion.

We also do put ourselves in various positions and locations just to get the best angle possible.

And often wedding photography brings us to locations which are not too friendly to both us and our gears. Alright, more towards our gear since bride, groom and us are in the same location. AHAHAHA.


Anyways, I cannot seem to think much for now. But that’s basically the core of the issue at hand. On why wedding photography is “expensive”. It’s because there’s much more than what people see us working. It’s just not the 4-5 hours you see us taking photos, there’s a ton of post production work involved.

And if you take into consideration the miscellaneous costs like mileage, toll, parking and album costs (which is quite substantial), we are left with very little being out actual nett profit.

I am not complaining. Just would like you guys to know what goes on behind just an actual day wedding photography work you see us do.


Vehicular Safety Systems

December 18th, 2013 by kamkuey

Here’s what I learnt quite a while back; vehicle safety systems are there to only assist you in getting out of a sticky situation. Assist being the keyword. It does not negate your stupidity.

Vehicle active safety systems like stability and traction control only assist. It helps maintain traction, and it helps when your car starts to rotate at it’s axis, or basically the start of a spin. It does these by either limiting power to driven wheels, or applying brakes at individual wheels to maintain traction, or to bring you back in line. These are good for normal everyday driving, maybe a little bit more. It does not help at all if your stupidity kicks in and you drive beyond your own ability.

Oh, and ABS or Anti-Lock Braking System, does not mean a more powerful braking system. It’s basically prevents wheel lock to allow steering while under emergency braking. So do not think that you can play Schumy on public roads just because your car is equipped with ABS, EBD, BA, ESP, TRC and whatnot.

They do not prevent stupidity.

OK.. this one is totally not within the scope of this post, but it’s still spells stupidity. No amount of technological advancements in vehicle technology can prevent this.


Nothing much to know about myself. In a nutshell, I manage a little call centre, but I was trained in IT. Now more like I am in the service industry cum IT support. Anyways, on the side, I like motoring, photography and sometimes fishing. Anything else you can ask me direct la.