The Computer

January 13th, 2014 by kamkuey

Lately I have been doing a lot of thinking.

Especially while cleaning up my room. There were lots of stuff which were unwanted, or unnecessary. Either that or there are stuff which I decided to keep before, but had not touched it since.

Then it got me thinking about that big behemoth on my table.

Yeah, that’s the one. When they delivered it to me, I was shocked at the size of the boxes. They were HUGE! And this thing weights a ton and a half!

And it took up probably about 1/3 of my table.

Why did I get it in the first place? Well, I wanted more processing power. I wanted something I could “DIY” should I need to. I also wanted to do a little gaming on it. It came with a 24” full HD monitor which was extremely handy while processing photos, and watching movies. Oh.. and gaming.

but as time goes by, I miss the simplicity of a simple setup. Some of you guys know that I had an “all in one” type desktop called the iMac.

Please excuse the softness of this photo. I guess it was taken using what is called an early adaptation of a camera phone. And although everything was wired, my table was still.. well.. neat.

Even while working on something here (not the screwdrivers and the extra notebook) I was still getting a fair amount of working space.

This is now. The large empty spot there is actually where the CPU sits. Can you imagine the amount of space it takes?

But the good thing is this… it has processing power. Loads of it. So parting with it seems to be a little bit heart aching. But there’s little choice left if I want a cleaner desktop. Something sleeker. Something more compact but still packs a punch!

But all in all, I just like typing on a notebook type of keyboard. Something like this chiclet type keyboard. It’s much much nicer to type on.

Still contemplating.


Anyways. Just wanna put some thoughts into words. Am getting old. HOpefully this blog serves as my journal.

Some Old Photos

January 10th, 2014 by kamkuey

Actually I had a long post all ready to be published, but I decided against it. It’s Friday. Not nice to post something which might get some people extremely upset cos they felt ‘the heat’.

Anyways, I was browsing through some of my photos which I uploaded a long time back. It’s nice to go through old photos eih?

This is an impromptu home studio photoshoot. I remember this quite vividly. I was relaxing at home when Eric called me and told me that if I am interested in shooting, go over to his house instantly. Being young, single and free, I grabbed my gear and off I went to his house.

Cow, taking a selfie before it was cool. And was professional selfie alright, complete with studio lighting!

Even with an injured finger…

This is Cow having fun. But seriously, what’s the point of photoshooting if it ain’t fun!

But of course, the photoshoot is still important.

Ah.. this one. Cow looking as if he is .. well… feeling dejected. Taken in Starhill’s carpark.

Aha!! This was taken using my trusty Canon Ixus55 point and shoot camera. Who says point and shoot cannot create fun effects? No photoshop here.

A quick fun shoot at a studio. The wrap up pose. haha. I really like this. Macam Charlie’s Angel & Batangs!

Just a quick post before the week ends. Have a wonderful weekend!

The Memory Lane

January 9th, 2014 by kamkuey

I am in the midst of clearing up my room to make way for a new cupboard. So the old make shift cabinet, which was originally a filing cabinet needs to be relocated. This also means the old open cabinets I got from one of those hypermarkets also have to go. As well as all those boxes sitting at the corner of my room, untouched for over 2 years.

And what wonders I unearthed.

They include photos, photographic stuff, handphone, mouse and a newspaper clipping.

These are colored filters, usually used for black and white photography. All they need is a good wipe down and they are good to go! Too bad I am no longer into film photography, so these were given away.

Wow!! Who now still have these? The Canon 16mb SD card (top right) is still in it’s wrapper as it came in the box with my Canon point and shoot camera. Wow!! These I still keep. 16MB, still might save my day with one last shot! haha.

And check out these two. My old Sony Ericsson W980 with a massive (at that time) 8GB built in storage. And my old Dell bluetooth mouse. Both had a rubbery kind of finish, which, after prolong periods of not in use, became sticky! Just need some touch up and I can use the mouse again, to replace the wired mouse. The phone? Well, can be used as a spare.

This photo, taken many many many years back. This was taken in the wee hours of the morning. I can still remember picking him up from the airport at midnight. Then back to his place to setup some rigs, and then off we went to Pangkor for our fishing trip. Oh, we had delicious pork noodles before heading to Pangkor. It was a memorable trip. That’s because we did not sleep a wink! We reached the resort just in time to chuck our bags behind the reception and hopped unto the boat for a whole day of fishing. And yes, we fell asleep on the boat.

Taken at the Pangkor resort. Sadly it’s no longer in operation.

Last but not least, the newspaper clipping. haha… that’s right. That’s me having my hair washed by Miss Malaysia contestants.

There were lots and lots of other stuff I found. Most of them not touched in over 2 years. What happened to them? I threw them all away.

Simple rule for cleaning up room/house/apartment. If you have not used it in the last 6 months, throw it out.

Oh.. another thing. This is my current desktop. A massive Dell XPS9100 with i7, 12GB RAM, 2GB GPU and a equally massive 24” HD monitor. Anyone interested? A power house indeed! But I want a clean desk with a notebook or an all in one kind of computer.


Nothing much to know about myself. In a nutshell, I manage a little call centre, but I was trained in IT. Now more like I am in the service industry cum IT support. Anyways, on the side, I like motoring, photography and sometimes fishing. Anything else you can ask me direct la.