A Little About Bangkok 2014

Some of you know that some friends and myself would try to visit Bangkok during one of the motorshows. In 2012, we visited Bangkok International Motorshow, while in the following year, we skipped the motorshow and went for Bangkok Autosalon 2013.

While it’s still about cars, it’s more about after market cars and their modifications. It’s not as big as the motorshow, but it’s still packs quite a punch with lots of interesting modified cars and tonnes of vehicle accessory booths.


This year we went for the motorshow. And of course, it’s not just the motorshow.

The choice of food was incredible! Mostly also because it’s much cheaper, especially like the Japanese BBQ buffet above. All you can eat meat!! Everything on the menu is up for grabs! and only for 490Baht!

And we stayed at the same hostel, Lubd in Siam Square. Why? Because it’s within walking distance from all the major places we frequently visit. Simple. It’s not the most cost efficient accommodation around, but it’s most strategically located, and most fun.

So stay tuned for updates!

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