Abstract Styles

The prices of cameras are getting more and more affordable. My first excursion into the digital SLR camera saw the cheapest one to be RM 15k. Right now you probably can get one entry DSLR for 1/10th of the price.

And with the lower cost of ownership, big bulky DSLR are replacing point and shoot cameras. You see many people lugging around a DSLR in a shopping centre or for a simple meal or coffee. And with that, the number of DSLR owners have increased substantially, same goes to ‘critics’.

So here’s my view on photos.

Your photos are yours. When you release that shutter, you have in your mind how and what that particular shot should look like.

You need not explain your photograph. A good photo should not need an explanation. Neither should your photo. If it does not make sense to others, who cares. What’s more important is that it makes sense to you.

Sometimes a flaw in a photograph is what you like about it. Maybe that particular mole on the model’s collar bone reminds you of a certain memory. It could be the fringes of her hair that falls over her eyes which makes your photo click with you. Maybe that over exposed part of the photograph works for you.

So, photography is a mix of science and art. A bit difficult to put a finger on it. Photography makes use of science to capture the image, but you use art to determine what appears in the image, and how it appears in it.

So bring out that camera, any camera and start taking photos. And share them with your friends, or on social media, or on photo sharing sites. Let the critics flow in. Take criticisms, learn from them if they make sense. You have to remember that there are many ‘critics’ out there who do not know what the hell they are talking about.

But on the other hand, if you are a professional photographer, or if you are taking photos for money, then take good care that your photos makes sense to your clients. Throw in some of your ‘artistic’ shots, but only to compliment they ‘safe’ shots.















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