October 8th, 2014 by kamkuey

The latest issue of the new iPhone 6 Plus be a bit bendy has created headlines. It has also spurred heated debates and arguments all over social media. You see a lot of postings on facebook and other social media about the iphone’s bendy feature and it’s features which is similar to a 2004 phone from a rival company.

So what is it about this issue, and many other iphone’s lacking of something, that is so heated? Does it really matter that the iphone does not have a bigger screen? Or now that it has, does it matter that it now has a bigger screen?

It should not matter since you obviously will not be buying an iphone.

It does not matter at all. But…  what matters is the fact that the iphone fanboys talk about the iphone as if it’s an object sent down to earth by the gods for us mere mortals. An object to be worshipped as we mere mortals are not worthy of it.

That is the issue.

The iphone is a splendid phone. I would be using an iphone if it was not that expensive.  It’s really out of my budget for a phone. I do have an ipad though, and had an imac and would probably be getting a macbook soon. So Apple do come out with splendid products, the iphone included. I am a fan of phones, regardless of who made the phone. Some phones lack certain features, some phones have more features. Just like WindowsPhone, it’s lacking in many ways compared to it’s rivals. But it’s a wonderful phone to use. I have used almost all makes of phones. From Nokia to Motorola, to Samsung and Xiaomi and almost everything in between.


This includes the Blackberry Bold 3 (actually Bold 2 as well).


As well as the Nokia E61, the grandfather of this E72.

I am guilty of making fun of the iphone and it’s features. But that is just it… fun. When I make fun of the iphone, I am actually making fun of those fanboys. Knowing that they will get upset and try to defend the iphone.

I’ve got news for you fanboys, there is nothing fun to make out of the iphone. It’s you that people make fun of.

Oh.. and this goes to all fanboys. Regardless if you are a fanboy of the iphone or any other phone for that matter. There’s more to the world of smartphones than just your tiny little world of whatever phone you have on the alter with incense, oranges, myrrh or suckling pig offers.




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