What’s Important?

There seems to be many things in life which are important, but we do not have enough time, energy and effort to attend to those things which are important to us. As as we get mature, and as we climb higher in the corporate ladder, and as we add more things in out lives, we have more and more important things.

We continue to pay attention to those things which have more values. However, as we grow, so does out responsibilities. Work, spouse, family. We might drop some of them off. Like for example how we love to conquer the gaming world, or take long rides on our motorcycles. Or have a 3-day fishing trip off shore. It may be taking that bi-annual backpacking holiday.

Some of theses ‘important’ things may no longer serve anything of value to us. So we drop them, so that we may concentrate on those which brings more values.

Neglecting your pet doggie? Maybe?

It’s sad, but its the truth.

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