A Vacation

June 13th, 2014 by kamkuey

What is your definition of a vacation?

There’s many definitions. None is right, none is wrong. This is because a vacation is very subjective in how it should be.


Some prefer visiting and cramping as many locations and activities into whatever time is available. Others prefer a more historical type of vacation where you visit historical sites or location of significant.

While to others, including myself, a vacation is simply a short getaway from your everyday life, and doing things you are not able to do. Some people just take a break and stay home all week. That’s a vacation to them, just hang out at home and recharge.

A couple friend of mine actually spent a whole week at one resort. Their typical day includes waking up when they wake up, have breakfast and spend the rest of the day by the pool, strolling on the beach, or just hanging out in their rooms.. or rather villa. Every other day, they would take a taxi into town, and hang out there by the local bar or cafe, and indulge in local lifestyle.

At the other extreme, another couple friend of mine went on their vacation to China if I am not mistaken, and spent their entire week chasing from one location to the other. Every morning, their usual wake up time is between 3-4AM. They enjoyed it as they get to see a lot of places of interest within their 5 day 4 nights trip.

To me, I would prefer a slow vacation. A holiday to recharge instead of “visit”.

Somewhere where life slows down.

Somewhere I can look out the window see this…

Instead of this… :S

Or even better… look out the window and see this :)

But these are all just me :)

Next up for this blog would probably be a short trip my friends and I took .. and the juicy fresh catch we had for lunch.

A Shift

May 29th, 2014 by kamkuey

I was never a fan of brands from China. They seem to have a common trait; cheap materials and tendency to rip of other brands and makers. This include mobile devices.

But this one is a bit different. Somehow.. different.


So when I saw this, I could not help but to jump on it. The specs were up to par with most flagship phones. And the best thing is that it costs  fraction of what the other flagship phones would cost.

It maybe a marketing stunt, it may not be, but when they opened up 4000 units of the phone to the Malaysian market through their website, all 4000 units were snapped up within 17 minutes.

Let’s not even go into their power bank which they were offering at RM36 a pop for a 10400mAH unit.

Anyways, I managed to grab one for myself. Initially, my intention was to test my luck and see if I can get one, just because I have a ready buyer to take it off me.

And so… 6 days after I paid for the phone…

… a package arrived!!!

btw, please do excuse my messy desk. This was taken impromptu at my desk at work.

Inside were these items. The box with the phone, a separate box with the power adapter, and interestingly, a second SIM tray which fits a micro SIM. The phone originally comes with a mini SIM tray.

The second SIM tray comes nicely packed in a very nice re-sealable plastic jacket.

No need to cumbersome, and from what I heard, troublesome micro-SIM adapters. This is a nice touch. Well done Xiaomi !!

The power adapter strangely is a separate item. My shipment comes with a UK standard 3-pin adapter.

And finally the box which contains the phone itself. It’s packaged in a hard-cardboard type box. Classy! It’s slim and no nonsense. Probably why the adapter is separate. Inside are the phone, SIM tray ejector pin, manuals, and a service card which contains the IMEI as well as SIRIM approval ID. Oh.. and the USB cable. No earphones.

The phone itself is rather simple. Nice and elegant. Quietly brilliant maybe? Well, too bad that tag line is taken. But.. it is quite brilliant in it’s simplicity.

Charging it up for testing!

Oh.. that’s not the USB cable. I had one lying around in the office so I used it instead. I think this one is a free gift I got from the Windows8 booth at PC Fair. Quite a good quality cable.

Anyways, I am currently going through the phone. A mini review soon!



May 20th, 2014 by kamkuey

I have said it before, and I will say it again, WindowsPhone has the best user experience.. ever! But, it just stops there. The rest are basically very very bad news.


Recently I got my hands on the very pretty Nokia Lumia 1520. A beautiful 6” full HD screen, wrapped by an equally stunning body which is sleek, slim and extremely sexy. And with a huge battery, this particular red stunner is for sure, a keeper. Right?

Well, unfortunately… No.

So what’s the thing which turns me off? Well, for starters, the online messengers like Whatsapp and Line behave is a very different manner compared to the other mobile  OS like Android or iOS. What happens is that, you get the notifications. Like, how many messages there are and stuff like that, complete with notification sounds and vibration and all that. But that is just it; notification. Just a notification that you have messages. It is only when you launch that particular application, for example Whatsapp, do those messages start to ‘download’ one by one.

Let me give you a nice example; I have a Whatsapp chat group which consist of my schoolmates from yesteryear. And when they chat, they leave an estimated one hundred messages in a single morning. So, if I am busy that morning, and I launch the Whatsapp chat application, those one hundred messages will only start streaming in one by one, starting with first message.

It does not take long, probably within the next 10 seconds I get all 100 messages streamed in and ready to rock and roll. But just try it out. Try whipping out your phone and launching Whatsapp. Then wait… yeah.. literally.. start counting to 10, before you start using Whatsapp. Then you tell me if it’s ok.

Then there’s the ability to integrate with Google. I mean, yeah it can sync my contacts and calender, but there’s so much more to Google than just contacts and calendar, or email. There’s the seamless integration of maps. I can mark the location of my favourite eatery or something like that using my computer and it reflects it on my smartphone!!

Of course, I can choose to use Microsoft’s map and stuff, but, I do not know la. I still prefer Google. Maybe if Microsoft sponsors me, then I would most definitely switch over to Microsoft’s suite of online stuff. Actually not too bad, they have that online storage thing, and the new Outlook.com looks fabulous!

But then again, this particular phone has a stupendous camera. It’s 20mp optically stabilised camera is great fun to use. And image quality is quite incredible.

If I ever use a WindowsPhone ever again, it would be because of the camera and the user interface.


Nothing much to know about myself. In a nutshell, I manage a little call centre, but I was trained in IT. Now more like I am in the service industry cum IT support. Anyways, on the side, I like motoring, photography and sometimes fishing. Anything else you can ask me direct la.