The Official Uncle Bobs

December 7th, 2013 by kamkuey

Not too long ago, I watched a video, posted by a videographer about wedding photographers who have the uncanny ability to constantly be in the field of view of the video camera. It was horrendous. Seeing the photographer constantly pop into the video, spoiling the video.

That was until I realise where the video camera was placed. And how it was recording. It placed right in the center of the isle. It’s field of view was the entire main stage and where the couple and the priest was, and recording the entire ceremony.

Surely if you set your camera to record the entire scene the entire time, there’s bound to be people getting in your way. And surely there’s bound to be photographers getting in your shot as they move about getting shots of their own.

So I think it’s rather unfair to complain how other videographers or photographers getting in your way. The other crew need to get their shots as well. Other official videographers and photographers alike.

Imagine if i had set myself up in the above position the entire ceremony. I would bound to be in another photographer’s view, and the other photographers would definitely be in my frame as they make their way around getting shots.

Throughout my experience photographing weddings, I have had my fair share of ‘blockers’. This includes other official photographers and videographers as well as the infamous Uncle Bobs, or relatives and friends of the couple trying to capture the moments.


Take for example the above photo. That photographer was really in my way. But how stupid would I be to continue standing there, with that focal length, that angle and with that guy in my way? Can I seriously say that he ruined my shot? In a way, yes, he did. But how moronic it would be for me to stand there and complain? Just look at the amount of space, location and angles as well as opportunities I could have got myself into if I have not been standing there at the same spot complaining?

To be fair, this photo was taken as behind the scenes. That’s Cow taking his shot of Alexis, the beautiful wife of Jason, my partner in FingerOnShutter.

And check out the videoman in the photo above. Can he be considered to be ‘in my frame’? Not really, he was doing his job shooting the bride walking in. I was a guest, sniping from behind and not really an official photographer. But he is still in my frame. Can I ask what he was doing up there with the groom, being in my frame?

There’s more and more people with video cameras, DSLRs, camera phones and even those action HD cams. What we can do as professionals and officially appointed photographers and videographers is to work together instead of putting knives on each other’s back. I usually would walk up to the officials and Uncle or Aunty Bobs alike and have a chat with them, just to ensure what we jive nicely once the ceremony is on the way.

It’s the weekend! Lots of weddings on the way. Have fun instead of mopping around! Cheerio!!

Financial Planning, Positive Motivation and Wedding Photography

December 9th, 2009 by kamkuey

I have actually written a long and exhausive post about the above title. But then I decided against posting it. You see, there are many people out there who are not able to take the truth. The truth about how people see them, and how things are actually. So let’s leave it as a title as a reminder of who we are and what we have become. Ok, let’s talk a little bit about those two things.

Financial planning is your own business. You do not need to pay money to have someone else tell you things that you already know. Like, watch your expenditure and credit cards, buy stock low, and sell high, strike when iron is hot.. etc etc. Plus, I will tell you somewhich which financial seminars will NEVER tell you; for every successful stock market player, there’s 50 who have failed have are now in tremendous financial debt.

And about Positive Motivation…. I have this friend of mine whose sister’s boyfriend was a very simple man who rode a motorbike around town and rides to work. Then he got conned into ’setting up his own business’ and dumped a good deal of money into buying stocks from the company. Stocks as in goods. Something you burn then out come magical healing scents. Anyways, as if it was not enough that he emptied his bank account and piled up a huge amount in credit cards, his ‘upline’ then told him that since he is in ‘business’ he should look the part; with new fancier clothes and fancier cars like a BMW. So he went and upgraded himself from a simple kapchai to a BMW. Fine, he can always reject, but these fellas have a way of pushing you to a corner and making what seems to be a guaranteed way of loosing money, seems ok and a very good idea at that time. Needless to say, when things start to go south, his up-line turn a blind eye and left him to himself. Good thing my friend and her sister are very supportive and he is now back on his feet.

About wedding photography; One of the things which I struck a chord for me during a recent photography seminar I attended was this statement

“ have spent so much money and efforts on your wedding day, why stinge on the one thing which will immortalise it forever?..

Think about it while I show a photograph…. a blog post without photos is boring :)

image by Daphne Gan.. thanks girl :P

.. .and this is my own saying…

“.. to be a good photographer, one must be comfortable to be in front of the camera..”

A Wedding in Singapore

May 18th, 2009 by kamkuey

Last weekend was a very tiring weekend.

Jason and I were asked to cover Sunny and Patricia’s engagement last Saturday in Singapore. Since both Jason and I both do not know Singapore well, we decided to spend the night in Johor and then catch a cab into Singapore. Our initial plan was to head down south after work on Friday. Which was also why we decided again driving into Singapore, especially at night. Anyways, to cut the story short, it was a financial disaster. The next round, we will drive directly into Singapore.

Sunny and Patricia were great to work with. They had great friends who were also wonderful in front of the camera. I think it is important that subjects are comfortable in front of the camera. This paves the way to even greater photos. Of course a good photographer makes the subject feels comfortable, but only if you have the luxury of time. In our case, or rather in most actual day weddings or engagements, time is usually not a luxury that we have.

Here are some of the teaser photos taken during that Saturday. More will come later.

See.. friendly people. Very eager to be in front of the camera.

All photos were shot with the AF-S 50mm f1.4G lens wide open @ f1.4, except for the last one which was shot at f2.8.

After the registration, they headed off to a nice cruise in a yatch. Everything was completed by lunch time and the happy couple ensured that we had a full tummy before letting us off. How considerate of them.

Jason and I then wondered Singapore for a bit before deciding that we were a little too tired to wonder anymore and thus headed back to Johor in preparation of our long drive home. So that Saturday, I had my shower at 5am. The next shower I had was almost midnight. I was smelly, sticky and extremely tired. My nice comfortable bed never felt nicer.


Nothing much to know about myself. In a nutshell, I manage a little call centre, but I was trained in IT. Now more like I am in the service industry cum IT support. Anyways, on the side, I like motoring, photography and sometimes fishing. Anything else you can ask me direct la.