October 8th, 2014 by kamkuey

The latest issue of the new iPhone 6 Plus be a bit bendy has created headlines. It has also spurred heated debates and arguments all over social media. You see a lot of postings on facebook and other social media about the iphone’s bendy feature and it’s features which is similar to a 2004 phone from a rival company.

So what is it about this issue, and many other iphone’s lacking of something, that is so heated? Does it really matter that the iphone does not have a bigger screen? Or now that it has, does it matter that it now has a bigger screen?

It should not matter since you obviously will not be buying an iphone.

It does not matter at all. But…  what matters is the fact that the iphone fanboys talk about the iphone as if it’s an object sent down to earth by the gods for us mere mortals. An object to be worshipped as we mere mortals are not worthy of it.

That is the issue.

The iphone is a splendid phone. I would be using an iphone if it was not that expensive.  It’s really out of my budget for a phone. I do have an ipad though, and had an imac and would probably be getting a macbook soon. So Apple do come out with splendid products, the iphone included. I am a fan of phones, regardless of who made the phone. Some phones lack certain features, some phones have more features. Just like WindowsPhone, it’s lacking in many ways compared to it’s rivals. But it’s a wonderful phone to use. I have used almost all makes of phones. From Nokia to Motorola, to Samsung and Xiaomi and almost everything in between.


This includes the Blackberry Bold 3 (actually Bold 2 as well).


As well as the Nokia E61, the grandfather of this E72.

I am guilty of making fun of the iphone and it’s features. But that is just it… fun. When I make fun of the iphone, I am actually making fun of those fanboys. Knowing that they will get upset and try to defend the iphone.

I’ve got news for you fanboys, there is nothing fun to make out of the iphone. It’s you that people make fun of.

Oh.. and this goes to all fanboys. Regardless if you are a fanboy of the iphone or any other phone for that matter. There’s more to the world of smartphones than just your tiny little world of whatever phone you have on the alter with incense, oranges, myrrh or suckling pig offers.



Coffee.. anyone?

September 12th, 2014 by kamkuey


For the past couple of years, independent coffee cafes have sprout all over the Klang Valley like lalang grass. The boom in people having a deeper interest in good quality coffee have increased tremendously. To these people, chain cafes like Starbucks and Coffee Bean does not cater to their palate. They crave something a little bit more personal, a coffee which entices their palate instead of the same old chained coffee pulled from standard operating procedures or baristas trained to operate the coffee machine in a certain way.

These people want a better coffee.

So what’s a better coffee?

Well, for sure it is not about the name of the shop serving you coffee. It certainly is not about how nice or extravagant the coffee art is. Is it about the coffee itself? Is it the bean or where is it’s origins? Maybe the year or the month the bean was harvested? Or could it be the skills of the barista in handling the coffee and the coffee machine. Is it in the cup? Or is it the cup itself? Or maybe the temperature of the cup, or the water used? Speaking of water, does it make a difference in a cup of coffee? Maybe distilled water brings out better coffee?

Well, to tell you the truth, this is just the beginning of my coffee journey. Can I tell you that this coffee is better than the other one? No, I can’t. But I can tell you if I enjoyed that particular cup of coffee or not. That cup of coffee might be made from the most expensive bean, pulled from the most expensive machine by the most experienced barista, but if I did not enjoy it, it’s going to be bad coffee to me.

Similarly, that photo of a nice cup of coffee from Jementah, I had it at a coffee shop and it was one of the most enjoyable coffee I had to date. I am sure it’s  not the best bean used. But it was tasty, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This is the other one which I particularly enjoyed. It’s an instant latte. Empty the sachet into a cup, and add hot water.

The instant latte came with this, a little tube to sprinkle some chocolate powder over your latte. Nothing spectacular, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

And here’s how I usually like to enjoy my coffee, with a nice piece of cake.

But… my days of consuming standard coffee may be numbered as I venture deeper into the ‘premium’ coffee world. Or maybe i should just remain where I am now, contended with standard coffee. Well, maybe the occasional premium coffee or two. Premium coffee is not cheap with a standard ‘black coffee’ being a standard RM8 a cup compared to RM1.60 for a standard ‘black coffee’ at the kopitiam.

By the way, there’s a difference between black coffee and the ‘black coffee’ served at premium coffee cafes. Something about the way the coffee is prepared. But that we leave for another time.

In the mean time, bring on the coffee and cakes!!

The Apple iPhone

September 11th, 2014 by kamkuey

So, Apple just lifted the veil and introduced their all new iPhones. This time, they revealed 2 different models, namely the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. The first being a 4.7” smartphone while the Plus features a 5.5” screen. Both are identical in terms of specifications. Of course, for both models, you have a choice of storage capacities.

Oh.. and they too launched the all new iWatch. But we shall leave that for later.

But here lies the issue for Apple, their hardware specifications are actually quite behind in terms of progress. While most of their competitors are already sporting similar specifications back in 2012, Apple is only now introducing the same level of specifications now, a whole 2 years later. What kind of specs? Well, namely the dual core processor, the 1GB RAM, and the 750p screen resolution of their 4.7” iPhone 6. The Nexus 4, launched in 2012 had that specs. And while the rest of the world is leading 1080 FHD screen behind, the 5.5” iPhone 6 screen is the first FHD screen smartphone from the company.

But let’s view it from a practical point of view.

Apple has been producing quality products since its first started, with a few exceptions. But iPhones are not the exceptions. Oh.. well.. the latest batch of iphones are not the exceptions anyways. I particularly like the form factor and the build quality of iPhones. They fit in the hands well, and they are the most solid and well built phones ever. Granted they might be heavy for their size, but that shouts quality. The 4” screen of previous iphones have been relatively small compared to the huge screen sizes of their competitors, but they really do fit in the hands pretty nicely. Remember that it’s still a phone, not a tablet. Most manufacturers now blur the lines between phone and a tablet, with some calling the huge smartphones a phablet instead. Samsung first introduced their Galaxy Note smartphone, and a lot of people say that it’s too big, but it has been a huge hit amongst users, with their latest Galaxy Note 4 sporting a massive 5.7” screen. Nokia pushed it even further with their Lumia 1520 with its 6” screen. Massive device.

So anyway, I see the iPhone 6 as a whole new category by itself. I personally would buy and use the iPhone purely for it’s simplicity. Also for it’s design and build quality. The only thing stopping me getting the iPhone is it’s cost. It’s ridiculously over priced.

Wait.. let me rephrase that; it’s over my budget for a smartphone. Keyword : my budget.

It may suit your budget, then by all means go get the iphone. In terms of functionality, I still prefer Android-based phones. But those functionalities are not extremely crucial for me, so I can still use the iPhone runing iOS. It’s does what I want from a smartphone. It does social media, it takes photos, and it runs all the chat applications I am using. And it has Waze, something I use very often.

So it does not really matter what the specifications are. They maybe only running a dual core processor and a 1GB RAM, but it does it’s job. Put it to you this way, why are you still driving a car with a 1.6 (or 2.0 or 2.4) 4 cylinder engine when there’s a 6.2L V12 engine? Different requirements, different expectations.

You have to remember, if not for Apple pushing out their smartphones, the rest of us would probably still be using standard phones with keypads. Surely others have introduced smartphones before the iPhone, but it was the iPhone which catapulted the need for a touch screen smart phone which launched the race for better smartphones.

So give it a break, the iPhone (iphone 4 onwards… ) is has one of the best smartphone implementations around. It’s just that the fanboys that over glorifies the phone, and tries to give excuses for the lack of some specifications or features which gets to me.. and to most people.

Fanbois, no need for excuses. The iPhone speaks for itself. Of course, for the hardcore fellas, the iphone is tremendously lacking. But for the the majority of smartphone users who has no need to root or load custom ROM or massive processing power, it’s one of the easiest smartphones to use. Too bad it’s not the easiest on the wallet.



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